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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is officially launched on Android 10 global




Xiaomi Mi Note 10 arrived in the market at the end of 2019, releasing the first five-dimensional camera of the Chinese company, but also the brand took the opportunity to place 108 megapixel sensor at the front of the machine. The phone that started then became an icon for Xiaomi's catalog that is now fixing one of its launch problems.

When it arrived, the Mi Note 10 made it through Android 9 Pie running under the MIUI 11 interface from the manufacturer, and the official update has been released. The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is finally being updated to Android 10, with Android 11 at the door, and does so without taking any further steps though the MIUI 12 is certified for that phone.

Android 10 is already worldwide with the Mi Note 10

As we mentioned, the wait was over when Xiaomi released the Android 10 version of the Mi Note 10. The device that came with the Snapdragon 730G for manual operation, has 6GB and 128GB of memory and an AMOLED screen of 6.47 inches. And with the five-sensor camera we've mentioned before, even though its power has never been one of the most publicized. The Mi Note 10 is listed, and continues to count, via an autonomous openness


Xiaomi Mi Note 10, review: bombshells are not megapixels, it's milliamp

Now, from XDA developers are warning us that a stable version of Android 10 is already starting to visit different markets and reaching the Mi Note 10, so it could be a matter of hours or days that we have an update on the corresponding notification. This is a review with heavier, 2.6GB, so we recommend downloading it over a WiFi connection unless we have enough data rates to not make it too poor.

Renewal includes i April Security Android Pack, in addition to other minor bug fixes and security bugs. If we don't want to wait, Xiaomi offers us the opportunity to download and install the latest version (ROM) ourselves. We leave you the links below even though we remind you that this process must be done at your own risk and expense. The best thing is to always wait for the OTA to arrive normally.

Android 10 Min 10 Note:

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