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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is starting to update to Android 10




One of the most important Xiaomi Android phones last year was the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. This high end is proud to have five cameras, 108 Mpx sensor and good zoom.

The only serious charge when it hit the Spanish market was the price, at 549 euros. However in recent weeks we have seen even less than 400 stores like El Corte Inglés.

Therefore, it is a mobile phone that enables you to make a purchase. One of its few problems is that it doesn't have 5G due to its processor, but we don't think that's a problem either.

Android 10 arrives at Xiaomi Mi Note 10

At the launch of this model, Google had just launched Android 10 a few weeks ago, so we weren't surprised that the terminal used Android 9 Pie. In addition, when using MIUI 11 the differences with other product models and the version version with Android 10 were small.

After all, we are pleased to know that the company has begun submitting an OTA that updates these types in the latest version of the program. At least the last installment from next week is the first beta release of Android 11.

Firmware is running a version V11.1.2.0.QFDMIXM and it stays at 2.6 GB so you'll need to have that free space.

In addition to the benefits of Android 10, such as full-screen touch, dark mode and a few other features (which were already part of MIUI 11), we have a number of security updates, especially those by April 2020.

The update also applies to Xiaomi Mi note 10 Pro because the small changes available do not affect the firmware. If you do not get Ota you can download firmware from Xiaomi forums and install manually.

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