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Xiaomi Redmi Review Note 9S: it has something for ALL



Just a few hours ago, Xiaomi announced the arrival of the new Redmi Note 9 and 9 Pro in Spain, however, they are not the only phones in the family. The Redmi Note 9S was the first to arrive in our country several days ago. We've been testing the terminal well, a cell phone that better describes the features that made Redmi Note so popular.

She is beautiful, beautiful, cheap, and she has it all. But is it worth that in the middle market that is becoming more and more competitive?

  • Performance:
    • Processor: Snapdragon 720G.
    • RAM:
    • Expansion of microSD cards up to 128 GB.
  • Screen:
    • Dimensions: 6.67 inches.
    • Genre: IPS.
    • Resolution: FHD + (2400 x 1080).
    • Average rating: 20: 9.
  • Cameras:
    • Main 48 Mpx.
    • Ultra wide angle of 8 Mpx.
    • Sensitive 5 Mpx macro.
    • 2 Mpx depth sensor.
    • Mpx front camera.
  • Drums:
    • Power: 5020 mAh.
    • 18W fast charging
  • Others: headphone jack, dual SIM compatible and Micro SD, infrared port, side fingerprint sensor.
  • Dimensions: 165.7 x 76.6 x 8.8 mm.
  • Weight: 209 grams.

Updated design with special emphasis on cameras

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is a branded tool that traces most of the 2020 models, with glass and aluminum, a screen-controlled front and many cameras, the only unique feature and most important to watch.

The four rooms are located in a rectangular module located in the center back. The selected location could not be more suitable, because by having the suggested effect, the location allows the phone to remain stable on the table and we can use it comfortably. The design of this Redmi is thought to be much better than the premium models of a product such as the Mi 10 Pro or Mi Note 10, whose combination with the size of the cameras made the experience of the cellphone on the table shocking.

Also worth noting is the fingerprint reader, which goes sideways. If you think it's a reader of the Redmi Note 8 Pro that we didn't like at all, it's a great evolution. Of course, both he and the volume buttons are probably much higher than expected.

Redmi Note 9S update: has EVERYTHING

On the side we have a tray of SIM and MicroSD cards, which emphasizes that the slot allows us to have dual SIM and MicroSD at the same time, good information considering that many mobiles compel us to choose.

Down we see the speaker, microphone, USB C and headphone jack, also compatible with FM radio.

Redmi Note 9S update: has EVERYTHING

On the upper frame, a second sound cancellation microphone and infrared port. Xiaomi does not release features.

Redmi Note 9S is loaded with features

  • Performance: Snapdragon 720G is a processor gaming It is cleaner than Qualcomm, which has the ability to reach a high level of performance in many situations.
  • Main screen:
  • Two SIM and MicroSD cards: On most phones you have the option of using a second SIM or MicroSD card, but not both. Redmi Note 9S doesn't let you choose between each other.
  • Flexibility: We have good quality and flexibility for cameras.
  • Good battery: The 5,020 mAh capacity capacity provides the most challenging days.
  • Much more to add: Headphone jack with FM radio, infrared port, fingerprint reader on side.
  • Finally it has a respectable vibration motor: Haptic vibrations (touch-sensitive) are rarely a factor to be considered mid-range, but part of that error lies in the fact that such systems tend to be of poor quality (in fact, Xiaomi itself has absolutely no acceptable effect on its excellent -2019). The one on this phone is a thousand times better than the one on the Mi Note 10 last year, to give an example.
  • Guided Note: Do you think the industry is set aside? Xiaomi decided to install it.
  • Quick charge charge included: It's not a very good case (it's a standard case put by Xiaomi) but it works to protect the phone while looking for one according to your style.

The phone is very limited, but it highlights the NFC as a great absence, a lack senseless given all its features. Its unavailability looks similar to the planned decision to acknowledge the difference with the Redmi Note 9 Pro, but it's funny when we consider that all its competitors have it.

Multimedia experience that is interactive, yet intangible

The Redmi Note 9S has a large 6.67-inch panel, with FullHD + resolution and a long format, with a 20: 9 aspect ratio. Almost every front is a screen, with the exception of two small modes, a small lower frame and a central hole in the camera.

With respect to the panel, the quality level is smooth, the colors are well balanced and the brightness is very high, being able to use a mobile phone in full sun without difficulty. Automatic light is controlled at good speed, or it has a large effect on low light, because when we are in a room in the dark the rate at which the default light reaches is still too low and has to reduce by hand to a minimum.

Redmi Note 9S update: has EVERYTHING

On the front screen, here is the curious and controversial curiosity. When the company launched its first cellphone for 1,000 euros, it revealed that they considered the hole in the screen in the upper middle section to be a bad decision, and that it was in the top left corner. We see that Xiaomi's thinking is correct, and for this reason it is so surprising that they decided to bet on this phone over the phone they said last month was not a good bet.

In terms of audio, we have one speaker, which is of very poor quality. It's best to use headphones, something you can do by installing this mobile headphone.

Excellent battery and fast charging are acceptable

One of the best points of the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S is autonomy, and that is that on its impressive 5,020 mAh battery and high-performance components it may last within two working days, with an average of about 7 – 7 hours of screen time. As we always say, the number will vary depending on your spending patterns. However, this battery is one of the best I have ever tried, and that means a lot to love the mobile.

In terms of fast charging, the terminal features a quick charger that supports loads 18, 20 and 22.5 W. Being a large battery, charging from 15 to 100% takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

User experience with MIUI

ShareMe is a file sharing app. Being on Google Play and compatible with any kind of solution is a great way to send large files between devices. It also helps us to connect to a computer and share files without using cables.

Game Turbo is Xiaomi's solution for improving the gaming experience. When unlocking any of the games listed, the system prioritizes the game's own processes to provide superior performance.

Xiaomi's licensing system is one of the best. We not only have standard Android settings, but more control over background apps and have permission to start them automatically.

Shortcuts for various actions such as using a camera, assistant, crack screen, shutdown programs or turning on the light. Important default setting if you have Xiaomi.

Redmi Note 9S update: has EVERYTHING

One feature that we did not particularly like was the keyboard experience when activating the body rotation. By removing the navigation bar, Xiaomi has never had a problem installing an empty space that holds the keyboard the same height as you choose the navigation you choose. As if that's not enough, it doesn't recognize the keyboard location as a place for people with physical handicaps, so when you type in a swipe it's very easy to accidentally close the keyboard. Communicating with the keyboard is a real virtue.

On the other hand, an important aspect of MIUI's experience in marketing, is the fact that when you open the app you have to go with the ad, as well as the various games and apps we don't need to look for, Xiaomi guarantees an added benefit when using their phones. Probably the most annoying thing is not in apps (which can be changed by third-party apps) but in the application installer, which you can't skip. Yes, it is possible to make ads work with a simple plan, but it is something that many users do not even know they can.

The photographic experience you expect in middle school

The Redmi Note 9S features four rear cameras, namely:

  • Main 48 Mpx.
  • Ultra wide angle of 8 Mpx.
  • Sensitive 5 Mpx macro.
  • 2 Mpx depth sensor.

The size of the large sensor has surprised us, and despite the seemingly minor improvement since the Redmi Note 7 produced 48 megapixels, it is noteworthy that Xiaomi continues to work on refining its image processing software.

The Ultra wide-angle camera was able to capture very good results, though it is notable that it senses a few stages in the background.

And the macro camera does not disappoint.