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Xiaomi sells 100% night light




Xiaomi He is one of the manufacturers who introduce many products to the market, and many of them are from the world of smartphones, such as sofas, a cap that can keep you from slipping either an electric bicycle, among others. The Chinese company is now on sale 100% light green night light at home.

Xiaomi has been sold through YouPin, its third-party, unproductive night lamp light blue. The light that penetrates the retina and that, according to several studies, much of this light can damage the sensory cells in the retina. So, manufacturers of light-sensitive products such as smartphones, televisions and computer screens are always looking for Ways To Reduce Blue Light Blue Light For Eyes user.

Xiaomi table lamp

In a sense, Xiaomi has provided a solution in appreciation 100% free night light. The product gained from fundraising on Youp in and its popularity rises to become the world's first bed lamp without any blue light. The Midian Zero-Blu-ray Bedside S Sleep Aid Lamp, as it is called, currently costs around 199 yuan, which in turn is nearly equal. about 26 euros

. However, Its real price is 329 yuan, 43 euros approximately.

Among its features, the lamp has a LED light source produced by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences at Nanchang University. In addition, it is noteworthy that this product is a Chinese retail company that uses it the yellow LED basic efficiency and red LED to benefit the source of Pure LED light, free phosphor and low color temperature, as revealed by Gizmochina.

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First night light that does not emit blue light

Xiaomi night table lamp

This lamp has a unique design from the blue light filter system adopted by other products like this. However, that has been confirmed This lamp eliminates the use of blue light from the source

, which makes it completely free of mean light. The feature that makes this product do not damage the makeup of human eyesor, and that they may be used by, or, by, minority housing.

The color temperature is 1,800K, there is no short blue light, and the light color is soft and comfortable, it does Improves sleep quality user. The lamp also has 2W rating and smaller, lightweight designs, which have exceeded the gains of other awards. Finally, it should be noted that the fact that the Asian manufacturer has sold it can also be integrate with the MIJIA app – how to set an alarm, among other things-, so it includes a number of functions, and is compatible with voice assistant Xiao AI.

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