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Xiaomi will launch 7 on various monitors during the 2020 season




Xiaomi today is a benchmark brand on the bench. Not only in terms of smartphones where it has been proven to be one of the highest priced companies in the market, but generally. In its catalog we find thousands of products, some such as cat beds, bottled water or fishing rod. Because the fact that Xiaomi is the best kind when it comes to buying accessories or other technology-related products.

It is a form of new monitors a Chinese company plans to launch by 2020. The 7 different monitors with the symbols that on paper are really interesting.

Xiaomi will launch this in 2020 until 7 new monitors and it all points at very competitive prices

xiaomi monitor

In fact 7 products will be launched between Xiaomi and Redmi and that's a solid thing he hopes to put himself in the market starting next June as reported in Chinese medium started. Although the information is not yet complete, we were able to identify some of the ingredients.

The first monitor to arrive in June will be the 23.8-inch Redmi and that change will have a price of around 70 euros, although it is likely that in the case of sale in Europe, this price will go up. Without a doubt it is the cheapest price to monitor that size.

The second of these products will arrive in July this year under Xiaomi's signature, you will have them a 27 inch panel and will be based on video games so will certainly be priced higher than the previous one. In September, another 24,5-inch monitor will be considered for gaming again in November, to monitor 29,5 or 27-inches (information is unclear) for 4K resolution,

No release date has been revealed for the last three monitors, however will be 27-inch Redmi and two Redmi with 23.8 and 27-inch video games respectively.

We are really excited about this news. You just have to look at Xiaomi television to find that these monitors will be of good quality too really and really cheap price for all budgets. Whether it's playing a PlayStation 4, a computer or watching a series and movies, we want to know all the details of these devices.

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