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You can now download Google Pixel 5 wallpapers on almost any Android phone



You can now download Google Pixel 5 wallpapers on almost any Android phone

Most new cell phone releases come with their own wallpapers, and it usually does not take long for someone to collect them for use on other mobile phones.

Those Google Pixels are very popular, and their static origin was not long in coming. Now is the time for Google Pixel 5 animated backgrounds.

Animated backgrounds, or live wallpapers, are much harder than static, so it is necessary to change them before they can be used in other terminals. This is exactly what the XDA developer did, which created the kind of animating domains compatible with almost any Android phone with Android Nougat or higher


Featured Google Pixel 5 domains, on your mobile phone

After filtering the Google Pixel 5 static domains, it's time for animated domains. Animated, but small, yes, because it's about domains vary in their appearance slightly during the day there are more live wallpapers that can go crazy on Google Play.

The best wallpapers for your Android mobile

Developer Pranav Pandey was able to budget for work on almost any other Android phone, even if it is not Google Pixel. These wallpapers are available in two types, for Android Nougat

mobiles and Android Oreo or more mobiles.

You can download this the harbor directly from the links above or by visiting the official XDA forums page. Both models are similar, although the Nougat version has some limitations, such as the notification bar does not change color at the same time as the wallpaper.

After installing the APK for wallpapers, they cannot be opened directly, but you must use your phone's function is to select a wallpaper, a function that can normally be performed from a launcher. The process varies from one cell phone to another, but the most common thing is that you can do it with a long touch on the home screen, and then select Background images

and finally Animated wallpapers.

The process of choosing a proactive domain, in Nova Launcher

On some mobiles you can select animated wallpaper that you can use on the lock screen in mobile settings, and you can find them at google finance app, available on Google Play.

The backgrounds are simple, eight in total and have glossy images they will vary slightly during the day. That is, do not expect critical action on your mobile home screen, but a slightly different background.

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