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You can now download the free PlayStation plus games for the month of June




Finally The new June games that Sony offers to all PlayStation Plus users are here. As you well know, with PlayStation Plus in addition to being able to play our favorite games online, Tony offers us a free download for at least two PlayStation 4 games that we can enjoy as long as we sign up.

In June the truth is that Sony users can't complain as the Japanese company has set a very high standard. On the one hand we have Call of Duty WWII, one of the popular action sequences and puts us in the shoes of soldiers who must survive one of the most horrifying events of our time, World War II. Star Wars Wardown II, on the other hand, is a shooting game set in the Star Wars universe and one of the most entertaining multiplayer of the generation.

Download the free PS Plus games for June and play on your Android phone

Call of Duty

Duty WWII fence, is the 14th title of the famous proverb. Its iron mode chronicles the French occupation, the Belgian settlement and the crossing from the Rhine River to Germany. The story runs from 1944 to 1945, although some events from 1940 to 1944 will also appear to help understand the characters and the story. With cons, Star Wars World War II It has an exciting campaign although its strong point is the multiplayer mode where we manage to manage iconic characters from saga such as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. And we can't forget about Treasure Racks, a fully-featured multiplayer challenge packed with puzzles and platforms where you will need to combine different character skills to improve.

To download these exciting titles we just have to go to the PlayStation store again seek them out with our account. But be careful, this can only be done if we have a valid PlayStation account. Another option comes directly from our PlayStation Console 4. To do this, simply enter the store from the main menu and go to the corresponding section of PlayStation Plus.

And how can you play these amazing games on your smartphone or tablet? It's very simple. In the Google App Store we find a great catalog of tools that you can get the most out of the Sony console. Among them The highlight is the PS4 Remote Play that works to make our Android TV

, so we can stream all of our favorite games in case the TV is in the living room or in the living room.

The repair is very easy and in a few minutes we will find it. Best of all, we can play on our console even if it's on a different Wi-Fi network – In line with data from our smartphone – and what else, the PS4 Remote Play is able to unlock PlayStation 4 as long as it's in sleep mode.

So now you can go claim your free games for the month of June and start enjoying it. But be careful, if you are not already a member of PlayStation Plus, during Play Days, we can get a subscription year with a 30% discount, in addition to many other discounts on video games.

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