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You can now play GRID Autosport for free thanks to new multiplayer tests




One of the most effective and amazing things about driving simulators is to test the multiplayer beta. And you can achieve it, it is the best option get free access to GRID Autosport, a game currently worth 10,99 euros in the Google Play store. Take the opportunity while the beta is running.

GRID Autosport is one of those games that guarantees great potential for mobile phones as a gaming platform. Originally synchronized with iPhone and iPad smartphones, GRID Autosport was finally coming to Android to offer its best and most amazing racing experience. Yes, i excellent gameplay quality, gameplay and game reliability Cost: more than 10 euros; The price is more than just compensation for everything he offers. And now there's a way to get GRID Autosport out of the box: The game tests its multiplayer beta for free.

Check out GRID Autosport for a fast multiplayer race

 Autosport Grid

As a multiplayer test, the game you can download on Google Play is limited to the options you can play: Only a quick test is installed with some online opponents (the final version will be limited to 12 players, though in our test we were always six). Cars and cycles are limited, but not graphic: beta is the only way check out how GRID Autosport starts on your mobile phone without paying for the game.

The races are done in a stable way, the traffic management is smooth and the same as the game & # 39; standard & # 39 ;, including several camera views, high-quality graphics and the quality of cars, circuits and physics similar to what the best driving simulator has to offer. In addition, cars and products are real, this is also an inspiration.

Autosport Grid

As a very specific game that is, you can only access the GRID Autosport beta if your phone has a certain power processor. The beta is officially unlocked for the following phones:

However, many other cell phones allow downloads even though the GRID Autosport beta is not ready for you: if yours has one powerful processor, and not much time in the market, will definitely suit the game. We tested the multiplayer beta on Black Shark 3 with Snapdragon 865 and it works fine.

Autosport Grid

You can download the multiplayer beta from there and enjoy the test while the developers install their servers properly. Playback time is limited to server play. And one last point: the Calico account is worth playing.

GRID Autosport - Online Multiplayer Test

GRID Autosport – Online Multiplayer Test


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