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You can watch the coronavirus to its users




Consider, for all the difficulties you have right now to be able to assess the number of people and stop the spread of the coronavirus in the world, that Apple Watch managed to get it. Therefore, outside of the attacks and from anonymous health data it collects. Well, that's guardians at Stanford University and piercing.

Our breathing and electrocardiogram, details reveal

The publisher look for volunteers test series that meets any of the following requirements:

  • He was getting a virus COVID 19.
  • We have detected the virus confirmed.
  • They were identified by a person corresponding to one of the last two points.
  • Was hardly a very large, njengasesibhedlela even a large.

Volunteers will be required to wear an Apple Watch and the submission of an application to complete a daily survey that takes no more than two minutes

(Something the governments of many countries and regions have done with the mobile app). Willingly, they can university permission to access data on our health.

Imagination, and if there is nothing lokukuvimbela, the study should be able to "read" to the coronavirus Adjust the data such as the measurement of our respiratory and heart, and electrocardiogram details. The study results can take up to two years to appear, but can be a good way of getting the virus if it comes with some rash or rash future.


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