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You can’t imagine which password is most commonly used (or yes)



You can’t imagine which password is most commonly used (or yes)

There are unchanging habits. Although the fact that strategies to violate the privacy of our mobile devices and digital services are the order of the day and recommendations for building strong passwords against these attacks are scarce, many users still prioritize them. Simple passwords remembering and discovering.

Therefore, integration “123456” has become a common point that links most of the users whose accounts are in a specific digital service. According to the conclusion of The latest study to access the passwords entered in the 42 password field revealed, at least one is “123456”.

No, “123456” is not a strong password

The post shared on GitHub contains password combinations of various details published after the violation. Accounts and data are extracted from popular pages that use this information after entering our email.

According to quantitative research data only 168,919,919 unique passwords were unique

. While others respond to the following features:

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  • Of these over seven billion words was ‘123456'.
  • 29% of passwords are made up of letters.
  • 13% of passwords are digitally generated.
  • Only 12% contain a special character.
  • The average password is 9 characters long.
  • 34% of all passwords end with numbers and only 4% of all passwords start with numbers.

Using simple passwords increases the likelihood of attackers guessing, especially when talking about numbers and numbers. So, always the unique use of letters, special characters and a minimum of 8 digits in passwords is recommended

While those who like to be 100 percent confident in their choices, there are many password management services that ensures integration with all security systems.

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