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Your smartphone may be responsible for getting the flu over




OnePlus 7T Pro screen

The world of smartphones is always less various subjects, some of which focused on users' health, similar to the one that showed that using a phone in bed causes sleepiness for over 28% of people; or someone who has proven that getting a phone in their mouth after using the toilet is a serious health problem. Now a new study has revealed that your smartphone may be the culprit that you get more cold, as its screen is an immune system.

A new report shows that cases of colds and flu after Christmas have escalated in the United Kingdom and that Smartphones can be the real cause

, as they reported from The Mirror. Pall Mall Medical investigators have reported that Britons are four times more likely to get the flu through an iPhone than sitting in a room with someone who is infected with the flu, and they have the explanation: smartphone screen.

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Dr Shikha Pitalia, a family doctor and director of Pall Mall Medical, said people check their phones every 12 minutes when they are awake, and this is linked to that. Poor hand hygiene and dirty screen of the smartphone "creates a perfect s torm to catch the flu" during the winter. In addition, he also wanted to make people aware that “the flu can be a serious condition, especially children, pregnant women and the elderly

", And those simple steps must be taken to reduce the risk of contracting the virus or spreading the virus.

Smartphones need to be cleaned almost daily to get rid of germs

Samsung Galaxy Note10 +  screen

A team of investigators also found that the screens, in this case, for the iPhone may contain a variety of unpleasant viruses, including those responsible for common colds and flu, as well as pneumonia, strp throat, gastroenteritis and diphtheria. In the same way, they also find average homes for the smartphone 10 times more viruses than toilet.

Investigators want to let people know that take action to make sure your smartphone stays as clean as possible, such as cleaning the screen regularly with microfiber cloth or with wiping bacteria, and can operate in the background of the signal.

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