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YouTube for Android introduces a really useful action




As cell phones grow in size, they are increasingly being used to watch videos. Applications such as Instagram or Tik Tok have become popular time-consumers, but also the most traditional streaming services have found themselves both in market share and number of hours of use.

That's why engineers who build these programs improve their performance, sometimes introducing new touches that allow them to interact with videos without needing a specific button.

YouTube introduces a new administrative action

This is what YouTube is doing for its Android system, using the fact that it might leave the video we watched on full screen by simply moving your finger from top to bottom anywhere on the screen.

We no longer have to click on the screen to bring up the video control interface and click the arrow in the upper left corner, where we view it in full screen.

This touch is now available on all Android phones pre-installed with the YouTube app. We wanted to check if this action is available and the app's interface in the Chrome browser but hey, in that case we would have to keep touching the screen and output the Video in the traditional way.

As you can see in the video above, it's very easy to implement this new action and hope that the developers will work it out not just for YouTube but for Google's users.


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