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Youtubers analyze planes and planes, the most unlikely victims of the coronavirus




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Coronavirus becomes an unprecedented problem: the whole world is collapsing and because of it it is destroying factories of all kinds. It also creates a shortage of products in areas where the virus has not even been detected; after all, all the factories, especially the mobile, have been stopping. Since the first Covid-19 launch we have seen a shortage of calls from China – there was a hot spot in the beginning – but now its effects are everywhere.

Airplanes, in fact, are one of those industries that suffer the most: even British Airways, one of the most powerful airlines in the world, is about to be rescued by the British government, after losing 215 million euros a week because 75% of its flights live on the planet. Besides the fact that planes were extremely predictable – because it was known that people would stop flying to avoid the spread of the virus – it's another thing the unpredictable reality of the slump of youtubers and instagramers of their flying subject.

People love to travel and I mean just flying, so so far this kind of theme has had a very important context. However, when we least expect it, as Buster Insider puts it, everything has changed: they are no longer able to fly so they check the planesTherefore, they cannot create new content to further attract tourism.

People watch many videos with a coronavirus, but not a plane

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The thing is, this is actually an entirely unexpected opportunity, since after separation and separation that many countries are working, it was expected YouTube views are on the rise, and other platforms, usually. In fact, both Netflix and YouTube are forced to lower their default video quality to prevent networks from collapsing. However, it has been pointed out that this is not the case, not least in all YouTube categories.

These type of youtubers create exciting content at the same time as they establish their livelihood: they fly normally or the first stage features different flight features – and different configurations depending on the airline they fly in – along with the convenience of each flight and scheduled meals. It's all about Aviation and aviation analysts, like a phone or tablet.

This type of content creators can analyze up to 20 different types of flights worldwide in one month, so, since they have to cancel all their flights at least until April, the number of trips has dropped sharply, in some cases.

The summary is simple: people no longer have the desire to travel in the short term And it's also going to take a long time for people not to trust too, in addition to the time needed for the economy to spread again, so there's no reason to compare airports, or at least this article doesn't generate much traffic. “According to (YouTube) data, our channel typically receives more than one million views over a four-week period. That dropped to 675,000 in the last four weeks, "said Jeb Brooks, founder of Jeb Brooks Flies – one of the largest channels – in Business Insider.

As all April flights are canceled and the May flights are about to be canceled, the future of this YouTube industry is uncertain. But what stops them from going is not the virus, not least Paul Lucas, co-founder of Wingin & # 39; It! Paul Lucas, however, that the borders of many countries were closed, or that they would actually travel to densely populated areas. In any case, and no matter why they do not go, it is clear that, while fears of the virus remain, this type of channel is experiencing its worst moments.

Thus, we recognize that even those who are just beginning to work with the popular influence are at greater risk of losing content, not just those of the mainstream.

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