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1 animator will open a YouTube channel to teach drawing




The Pokéfan world is full of people who have lot of hand with illustrations, as these Pokemon designs with such a particular style demonstrate or these others in which the Pokemon are drawn only in pencil and a very professional way. With designs like this, these artists are more than likely have received drawing classes and now you can also receive them if you want in the Youtube channel that will open Masaaki Iwane.

Masaaki Iwane is one of the official Pokémon animators and from other franchises known as Dragon Ball, so receive your classes through YouTube videos is and will be a cheap way to learn to draw with one of the great

. According to his twitter account, this channel will open Today, May 10 at 8:00 p.m. in Japan (4:00 Spanish time) and you can see its introduction to it just here.

We imagine that most of the content will be in Japanese language, so it would be convenient to control the language in order to take advantage of each of your videos, although it is possible that if you already have notions of drawing you can visually support yourself to make the designs.

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