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10 hidden gems from the PS Store




In the wide catalog of Playstation storeWith thousands of titles for PS4, there are games of different sizes: blockbusters, great video games, renowned independent games and Unmissable titles that, for one reason or another, have gone more unnoticed and rarely seen in featured sections of the digital store for PS4. In this article we are going to review some of those works that have amazed us, but that, for one reason or another, have not always enjoyed the success or attention they deserved.


The complete work of the London studio Honeyslug It is recommended, but Hohokum, produced by Sony Santa Monica, is probably your craziest, friendliest and most essential game. With a very colorful (both sound and visual) aesthetic reminiscent of titles such as Katamary Damacy, here we control a kind of elongated dragon who aims to find his friends in a dreamlike and crazy world. The players, just guided by the details of the environment and their experimentation with the elements of the scenario, they will solve hilarious puzzles in a game in which handling the snake is already satisfying by itself, and in which every frame and musical note convey good vibes.


Bound It is not perfect, and perhaps calling it "essential" is too big for you, but we guarantee that it is a unique game that will not leave you indifferent. In l we control a dancer through a three-dimensional world of impossible impossible shapes, while we jump and dance on platforms with the graceful movements of its protagonist. But despite his clean artistic style, behind it hides a dark history. At the end of each of the phases we are shown the somewhat confusing reconstruction of a scene from the protagonist's past, which little by little is forming a more complicated plot than it seems at first.

Nex Machina

Housemarque They were on the verge of disappearing, but his talent, despite not having been rewarded with sales figures, has been gratified with the support of a great publisher to develop an AAA game. But before leaving the almost extinct genre of action arcade

published Nex Machina, probably the best game of its kind that you can find in digital stores. Direct action, a shooter that is controlled with both levers, deep, hilarious, difficult and very satisfying.


The work of Jason Roberts Posted by Annapurna Interactive is one of those truly unique games: There is nothing like it. It is a puzzle game intuitive, not too complicated, but always smart and surprising. The players have before them a series of vignettes where they can go deeper and collect elements from them to compose new images. Gorogoa is a visual delight, a puzzle that invents where it seemed that innovation no longer fit. In short, a game that we cannot stop recommending unless you hate the genre.

Ghost of a Tale

Ghost of a Tale It is an adventure that hopelessly enters first through the eyes, but its playable development is not far behind. In the game we control a adorable mouse, linden, who moves freely around the stage and who constantly makes faces, gestures and movements that give him a realism and personality worthy of the best animated cinema. Together with him we will explore a huge fortress, its surroundings and its dungeons, all interconnected and very well designed, to fulfill missions (find objects, mainly) granted by other animals trapped in it while avoiding, with stealth mechanics

May the guards catch us.

A Hat in Time

Perhaps the biggest problem of A Hat in Time were to be published on dates so close to Super Mario Odyssey, one of the best exponents of 3D platforms of the last decade. But still, the title of Gears for Breakfast He has managed to win over fans of the genre, both for his proposal (go through three-dimensional levels to overcome thanks to hats that grant special abilities) as for the support it has received, with numerous free additional content that have been published for posterity, and that do nothing more than delve into a playable formula of guaranteed fun that, unfortunately, does not have the same support that it had in the 32-bit era.

A Hat in Time Image 1

Ghost 1.0

Unepic It was one of the most popular games in the Spanish development of independent video games, but the second work of its creator, Ghost 1.0, did not enjoy the same popularity despite being a metroidvania really well designed and packed with humor. Players will have to infiltrate the Nakamura special station, facing all kinds of enemies and learning the multiple paths that connect some areas with others.

Unruly heroes

Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends They are considered two of the best games of 2D platforms of the last years. If you think the same you should not miss Unruly heroes, an action platforms with puzzles and cooperative mode in which each scene is reminiscent of Ubisoft titles, basically because it is made by former developers of the French firm.

Shakedown: Hawaii

Shakedown: Hawaii collect the formula of the Grand Theft Auto two-dimensional but surrounds it with a lot development more carefree and a visual style reminiscent of 16-bit machines, such as Super Nintendo and Mega Drive. The game puts us at the controls of three characters, with which we carry out main and secondary missions full of direct action and constant references to other titles. The objective is none other than to save your company from bankruptcy, either buying new business, extorting and requalifying land on an island that we can explore freely.

Shakedown: Hawaii Image 1


Yes Valfaris would have been in the arcades of the early 90s, the furniture would have been the favorite of the hairy in Iron Maiden shirts. The second game of the creators of the irregular Slain It is a much more inspired title than that. It's about a run and gun where he heavy metal does not stop ringing, full of demonic enemies pxel art to those who burst with our devilish weapons, and where in one moment we are shooting tentacles through our arms, and in the next we are driving a wick. Direct action, fun, challenging and very heavy.


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