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10 times as many CPU sales at a German dealer




Hobbyists in Germany and South Korea apparently resort to AMD Ryzen. Hobbyists in Germany and South Korea apparently resort to AMD Ryzen.

With the Ryzen 3000, AMD finally heralded the turn of the course in mid-2019 and, with big strides, made up market share compared to competitor Intel.

At the German retailer Mindfactory, for example, instead of around twice as many CPUs, four times as many sold at once. In April 2020, a new peak was measured: more than ten times as many AMD as Intel processors went through the virtual counter of the online retailer.

On course for a record thanks to the R5 3600 and R7 3700X

To be exact, asked Ryzen 3000 and Co 91 percent of Mindfactory saleswhile the core processors accounted for only 9 percent, as can be seen from the latest diagram by Reddit users ingebor. The lion's share here are the Ryzen 5 3600 and Ryzen 7 3700X models.

AMD sales figures Mindfactory

AMD traditionally sells very well at Mindfactory. However, 91 percent of the market share cannot be attributed to this alone. (Image source: reddit / ingebor)

AMD sales Mindfactory

And the relative turnover at Mindfactory by Ryzen 3000 & Co continues to increase. (Image source: reddit / ingebor)

The excellent sales figures are also expressed in terms of sales. With 86 versus 14 percent, AMD can also expand its lead over Intel here, although – measured in recent months – only slightly. In March, for example, it was 84 against 16 percent. In June 2019, i.e. shortly before the release of the Ryzen 3000, AMD and Intel were still on the same level (52 versus 48 percent).

Of course, the figures from Mindfactory are not representative of the whole of Germany. Nevertheless, they are an indicator of AMD's success.

AMD also continues to grow in South Korea

As reported by ZDNet Korea (machine translated) with reference to Tanawa Research, AMD was able to continue to grow in the domestic component or DIY PC market. 60.56 percent of processors sold in April 2020

therefore come from the red team (AMD), while the blue team (Intel) provides less than 40 percent. Market experts see the Ryzen 5 models as the reason that have successfully prevailed against Intel's Core i5 models.

We can also look forward to the impact of the new Ryzen 3 models, which compete with Intel's Core i3 models. We already took a closer look at the Ryzen 3 3300X in our test.

The Ryzen 5 models are said to be the reason for AMD's recent success in South Korea. (Image source: ZDNet Korea / Tanawa Research) "data-sizes =" auto "data-src =" cpu-market-share-diy-south-korea-image-source-zdnet-koreatanawa-research_6099654.jpg "data-img-format =" 204 "data-img-id =" 6099654 "class =" responsive mb-0 lazyload "src =" https: // The Ryzen 5 models are said to be the reason for AMD's recent success in South Korea. (Image source: ZDNet Korea / Tanawa Research)

Notebooks equipped with Ryzen APUs were also able to grow in South Korea. For the first time in 10 years, a market share of 22 percent has been achieved here. Intel traditionally dominates the segment with 80 percent market share and more.

Where does the renewed upswing come from?

With a view to AMD's pricing policy and that of the retailer, it becomes clear why the situation has recently improved again towards the red team. Prices have been falling since February 2020 partly clear for the Ryzen CPUs in Germany. The popular Ryzen 5 3600, for example, has fallen in price from around 195 euros to 170 euros, according to

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 price history. (Image source: "data-sizes =" auto "data-src =" jpg "data-img-format =" 204 "data-img-id =" 6099653 "class =" responsive mb-0 lazyload "src =" placeholder.gif AMD Ryzen 5 3600 price history. (Image source:

The situation is similar with the Ryzen 7 3700X. Still available for around 325 euros in January, prices have been falling significantly since February. Since March, just under 290 euros have been called up.

With the upcoming market launch of the Comet Lake-S alias Core i 10000, the tide could turn in favor of Intel again. However, the Ryzen 4000 are also expected towards the end of the year.


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