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2K cancels WWE 2K21 and will soon unveil the future of the franchise



WWE 2K20 is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

WWE 2K21 will not exist. The installment of the Visual Concepts and 2K Sports fighting game has been canceled after the fiasco of a last installment that was the subject of a multitude of memes at the end of last year due to its precarious status. WWE 2K20 was fully developed by Visual Concepts, the first year in over a decade in which YUKE’s did not participate. The state of the game was not what a released title should have, so based on updates it was trying to solve the situation.

Months later the game is also not in an expected state, so in view of the future and a new installment at the end of the year, 2K has decided to cancel WWE 2K21

. This decision confirms the recent rumors and has been confirmed by the WWE itself, as they tell in IGN. Of course, the official account of the game has quoted us for next Monday, where details about the future of the franchise will be given.

What can we expect? The most sensible thing to think is that 2K can be redeemed in some way, with patches for the 2K20 version and free updates to add new fighters, arenas and more. Although, of course, Until Monday we will not leave doubts.

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▪ Release date: 10/22/2019

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