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30 years of evolution of Doom characters in one video




The Doom saga is without a doubt one of the most important (at the same time controversial) in the history of video games. Since 2016 the Bethesda company decided to restart the saga with a Doom that was reborn from its ashes, players have been waiting for a new installment that quench our desire to burst cyber demons, Being Doom Eternal that long-awaited gift for our senses. Seeing the graphic power spent in the latest installment of the saga and how well it works on the vast majority of computers (thanks to the great optimiz ation work done) I ask myself a question. How has the entire saga evolved since its inception in 1993?


With this doubt, I began to search the Internet for information and comparisons. As a result, I found a video where he collects all the characters (from the Slayer models to the main villains of the saga) from the first Doom to the most recent Doom Eternal and we shows a comparison of how they have evolved over the years

And as today's high-tech has been superimposed on classic Id Software designs. Without a doubt a great compilation that it's worth seeing whether or not you're a Doom fan.

The last installment of the saga, went on sale on March 20 of this same year 2020 for the platforms of Pc, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, receiving great criticism from the media and the general public. A version for Nintendo Switch is expected during this year.


Since I had my first console when I was 10, I've never stopped playing. I'm a multiplatform player and my favorite genre is RPG.

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