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6 keys for which Ellie has won the hearts of the followers of the Last of Us




It is not easy to open a gap between the greats icons of a brand like PlayStation, which already far exceeds two decades in the video game sector. There have been many games that have gone through the Japanese brand and, therefore, countless characters that have starred in them. However, few are those who have become authentic signature pets, stars that are easily recognizable by the vast majority of the public. Ellie, with his brilliant debut in The Last of Us, was one of the most outstanding since its inception.

And precisely its great success among the public has been one more incentive for the young woman to be the main protagonist of The Last of Us Part II, eclipsing Joel and leaving him in the background. And it was really easy for all those who faced the original proposal to feel identified by Ellie, stealing their hearts. The character construction It has been one of the most titanic jobs in the offices of Naughty dog And we are going to explain to you why he is one of the most representative personalities in the history of PlayStation.

The evolution of innocence

ellie and joel in the last of us part ii
Ellie and Joel's shared ride will continue to take shape in The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us introduced us to a young woman who had barely been able to explore the outside and that, in her first encounters with Joel, she was surprised by every aspect she knew. Probably many of those who have faced the proposal remember with some affection that moment, on the way to Bill City, in which discover the fireflies for the first time. That feeling later intermingles with the organization led by Marlene and her attitude changes completely. That discovery and the innocence accompanying it are vital to understand the character.

Sam's appearance also helps to better understand her teenage innocence: the approach with the boy makes it clear that He has not been able to enjoy this type of relationship with people his age and a very special bond of friendship is generated that we have all felt in our childhood. That evolution and discovery of the world She has before her are one of the pillars of Ellie's personality and that makes her a truly beloved character by different target audiences.

Another of these aspects can be found in one of the optional conversations during the course of the story at Pittburgh. Ellie comes across some advertising posters of a model and is surprised by her clothing and her thinness, something that is repeated later when she runs away from Tommy's prison and reads a girl's diary. That evolution is so natural and significant that it is impossible not to feel identified.

The two faces: tenderness and courage

ellie in the last of us part ii
Violence will be a dominant note in Ellie's attitude in The Last of Us Part II

Another aspect that makes Ellie a character loaded with nuances are its two very defined faces: the tender and sentimental and, on the other hand, the aggressive and determined

. This duality makes the young woman a very surprising character, because observing how she establishes a relationship with Joel, how the affection between them grows and that feeling of making him feel proud provokes a smile during the course of the adventure. However, Ellie he is not a fragile character to be protected and make it a burden. On the contrary.

And it is that the courage of the young woman is evident from her first appearance, where she does not hesitate to pounce on Joel when he takes Marlene to the base of the Fireflies. Is an impulsive and very foul-mouthed girl, but with an excellent heart. His capabilities in combat are undeniable and little by little it is seen how he also evolves in that sense. Ellie always tries to help and asks Joel to let him wield a gun repeatedly, always receiving a refusal. When circumstances force him to shoot to save his partner's life, mutual trust is established and an Ellie can be seen much more determined to face the adversities that are to come.

Those two opposite faces are also a reflection that is directly related to their discovery process and acquired maturity for his atypical life in the first years of life. Ellie's great quality is to make you feel tenderness and, at the same time, show yourself as someone truly fearsome. This face can be seen much clearer in The Last of Us Part II, where a line of violence and hatred much more notorious.

A very particular humor

ellie jokes
The joke book is one of Ellie's humorous notes

Anyone who has explored the maximum options of The Last of Us will know that Ellie is also a very funny girl and with a very particular humor. During his trip with Joel he offers lines of dialogue that are pure gold and they start a wide smile. Although the key role in this aspect is its legendary Book of jokes. Stopping to look for the moments when Ellie delights the public with one of her jokes is pure spectacle. Without a doubt, one of the most memorable moments in Naughty Dog's work.

This sense of humor is also explored in the Left Behind DLC, where the jokes and the relaxed atmosphere between her and Riley are a constant. In this extension of Ellie's story you can see greater hints of innocence that I mentioned earlier and also these moments when the joke book is still a star element. All this serves to ccounteract the destruction of the world and the society that composes it

in the proposal created by Naughty Dog.

The courage to face destiny

The Last of Us Part II photo 07 May 06
Ellie will star in a much darker and more violent story

Ellie is a very girl brave. It can be seen throughout the adventure, but there are two key moments that define it: the first is when it is revealed that it has been bitten by an infected and that he has not undergone a transformation, which implies that he is aware that he is unlike any other person; the other is played in the final bars of the game and in one of the most memorable and remembered scenes from the first The Last of Us. When Joel proposes that they return to live quietly, she he faces his fate, knowing that it is most likely fatal for her.

That line of courage develops very progressively, but during the second part everything points to it being much more direct. We live in a present day in which women have finally adopted the model they deserve in the video game industry and Ellie is a true reflection of this. A young woman who is brave, confident and determined to achieve her purposes that, in this case, everything indicates that they will be marked by the revenge. That security is also reflected in the player when it comes to controlling it, so it is very easy to feel that you are part of his journey and his aspirations.

Sentimental diversity

ellie and riley
The relationship between Ellie and Riley is one of the most beautiful that Naughty Dog has created

Left Behind also allowed us to see the excellent love story that arose between Ellie and Riley. It has been one of the most talked about aspects since the launch of the DLC and, although a certain sector has criticized it, the general reception has been according to what the situation and character deserve. The naturalness and delicacy with which the story of the two young women is treated departs from the inclusion of diversity out of necessity, as many defend, and gives away one of the most beautiful relationships that has been seen in a video game.

Naughty Dog has always explained that the relationship between Ellie and Riley serves to go deeper into the soul of the young woman and feel everything inside her, making it an extension that deepens your personality. With The Last of Us Part II this will continue to be present through his relationship with Dyne that has already been anticipated in the different advances of the title. Surely, the sequel will grant new nuances to understand Ellie's personality and her attitude in love relationships, adding the maturity that you will have acquired from the first game.

Empathy and establishing personal relationships

ellie the last of us part ii
Ellie will have to star in moments that push her emotions to the limit

This type of attitude does not only happen in love relationships, but it is also reproduced with the other characters, especially with Joel. It is very easy to understand Ellie's feelings in everything that involves other people, which makes her someone with a strong empathetic component that is more difficult to identify in her partner, for example. Joel is a darker and enigmatic character, suspicious and sullen, although little by little he also undergoes a tremendous evolution. Ellie is more transparent and unique, he gives himself one hundred percent in each of his intensions.

This causes it to be more visceral and spontaneous, something that we can identify with ourselves in new situations and that do not provoke unknown feelings. Ellie is the perfect companion to enter a world that is completely new to her, as well as for those who have a PlayStation controller in their hands in the first experience with The Last of Us. That is one of the great virtues of Naughty Dog in its construction and that offers a remarkable identity.

Ellie's path will run its course next 19th of June with The Last of Us Part II, where he will surely continue to offer reasons to be one of the big playstation icons and one of the most loved characters in his community.

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▪ Release date: 05/29/2020


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