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7 aspects revealed by Naughty Dog that demonstrate the tremendous leap of The Last of Us Part II in relation to the first game




It remains a month for The Last of Us Part II to be a tangible reality, since the 19th of June is coming to PlayStation 4 officially. The title of Naughty dog Each time it generates more comments due to its proximity, and even has its own emoji on Twitter for any comment you want to make about the title. To prepare the ground for your arrival, we are developing several articles dedicated to different aspects of the game and today we are going to focus on everything that will demonstrate the great leap with respect to its predecessor.

Because the Californian company has already advanced on several occasions different details that point to The Last of Us Part II going to be a title that will leave you speechless anyone who enters the new story starring Ellie. The most impressive thing of all is that it's not just about one aspect, but there will be several who define this line that aim to bring the Naughty Dog game to the stage of The Game Awards 2020.

Greater plot complexity

ellie the last of us part ii

There is no doubt that the plot focus is one of Naughty Dog's commandments when creating his video games. The script is the central element on which everything else orbits and with Ellie's adventure in this installment, different aspects will be taken to limits that have not been explored with previous works; not even with the first game. The nuances in the story will be a constant that will generate many questions in the players and Neil Druckmann himself, creative director of the title, recognized that it will be more divisive than the first installment.

This complexity in the storyline dynamics involves a greater degree of effort in the creation of The Last of Us Part II, which will show how one step further in terms of ambition. Not surprisingly, Naughty Dog has stated on several occasions that they have not faced anything like it in their entire history, so the magnitude of the project is not limited only to expanding what was seen in the first installment, but to breaking even more molds of what was accomplished with it and generate your own identity

stop that is not the same as what has already been lived, but improved.

The behavior of the enemies

the last of us part ii ellie arco
The enemies will have a very revolutionary swarm behavior

The Last of Us was one of the most revolutionary video games in the sense of community that was appreciated in the enemies, since they had a communication system quite interesting that it forced the player to take special care when facing them. This aspect is going to be exploited much more in The Last of Us Part II, with details that are more realistic and that they give a different atmosphere to the proposal. Enemies are not just targets, they are people who feel and who are related to other members of your group.

As Naughty Dog has explained so far, all enemies will have names and it will be seen in the conversations between them how they show their concerns and aspirations. Also, every time Ellie kills one of them, the rest will notice their absence and they will ask for it, producing an alarm state. In addition, there will be a meter heart rate that will determine the emotional situation in which they find themselves. There is no doubt that the enemies will offer a totally different experience and never seen before.

More mature and daring content

Ellie injured in The Last of Us Part II
Naughty Dog will take risks with more adult content

Nuaghty Dog is going to risk a lot with what The Last of Us Part II offers. The Californian study has shown that does not feel good in a comfort zone and they always seek to explore new challenges. With their next project, they will explore aspects of humanity very controversial and bloody and will even be included for the first time in its history nudes and sex scenes. This type of addition shows, once again, the maturity that the development team has been acquiring with the different experiences they have faced.

Thus, the sequel will feature a much more daring environment and that it exceeds the limits of what is established. If the first installment caused a moral dilemma, its continuation will be a constant transgression that leads the player to a complete immersion. Would you do the same in extreme situations? How far would you be willing to go? These types of questions will be practically a constant throughout the adventure.

A broader and more detailed world

the last of us ellie
The settings of The Last of Us Part II are more complete, large and detailed

The Last of Us was branded on many occasions as a pasillero title. With Uncharted 4: The Thief's End, Naughty Dog offered much wider environments or that they even allowed different access routes to advance. The Last of Us Part II will be much closer to this second case, although it won't be an open world

. Ellie and Joel's adventure play style invites limitations in the environment, but you can see a great comparison of what the world of this second installment is compared to the first.

The development team has stated that you can expect an environment -always speaking broadly- very similar to Nathan Drake's latest adventure, which would be a huge leap over what was the first title. Of course, the scenarios will also feature a much more intense degree of detail and there will be very varied locations. Considering that snowy environments have already been shown, chances are the story will play out in seasons, so it will give a lot of play in this regard.

Gameplay with Ellie: crucial changes in mechanics

The Last of Us Part II photo 07 May 01

The change of character protagonist in most of the adventure is not going to be a patch or something that goes unnoticed. Controlling Ellie is going to be very little like what it was to control Joel in the first game, so there will be significant changes in the way of approaching the proposal. The young woman will be much more agile and, therefore, its combat mode will differ from what is seen with its partner. The Last of Us Part II will be a different title in the gameplay, since you will not be able to use brute force, but be much more subtle and probably make more use of the stealth.

Also, this time a jump button is included to enhance that agility of Ellie and that also helps the progress through the scenarios to be more vertical than could be seen in the first The Last of Us. These types of changes may seem minimal and without any influence, but in reality they achieve bring a different experience and they will be keys to new mechanics and situations that were not possible in its predecessor.

Much more careful animations

The Last of Us Part II photo 07 May 12
The close-ups of characters are really taken care of in the sequel

Naughty Dog is one of the studios that has already achieved excellence in motion capture and animations, making authentic works of art in the field such as The Last of Us or Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. In this final stage of PlayStation 4 and before launching into the next generation of consoles, the studio has made an enormous effort to promote this work and manage to generate animations that are surprising for their high quality.

In the material seen to date, it has already been verified that The Last of Us Part II will be a delight both in film animations and in the game environment itself. Furthermore, Naughty Dog has also ensured that their team of entertainers has done a great job in making sure nonverbal language is also of almost vital importance in the advance of the proposal.

More darkness: history, settings and personalities

the last of us part ii ellie by boat
The dark tone of The Last of Us Part II will be noticed in many aspects of the game

One of the statements of Naughty Dog that has generated the most impact during the development of The Last of Us Part II is that will delve into the darker side of human nature. This is a clear indication that the plot line will have quite hard and delicate elements, something that can also be seen in the darkest tint that has the title visually. And it is that what has been possible in a large amount of the material exposed by PlayStation points to bleaker environments that go hand in hand with the narrative.

Of course, darkness will also be present in the characters themselves. The Last of Us is a saga in which each of the protagonists has very defined nuances and that makes them an excellent reflection of society and their way of dealing with the situations they face. If The Last of Us Part II is a game motivated by hate, it is clear that this time will focus on more macabre and darker aspects.

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