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A DualSense controller in the wild, battery info leaks



A DualSense controller in the wild, battery info leaks

It is definitely the week of the controller leak. After photos and unboxing of the Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S controller, it was the turn of the PlayStation 5 controller to be talked about. And it could be that a long-awaited information about it has been revealed.

Today's leak comes from the Twitter account “Galaxyra in666

. “The latter, who presents himself as working for a company which”designs and supplies accessories for console manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft, ‚ÄĚposted some photos and impressions of the PS5's DualSense controller.

These photos, available in our gallery below, show, if they are authentic, that the controller has a 1560mAh battery. FYI, the PS4 controller, often critical for its low battery life, has a 1000mAh battery. The gain therefore seems significant.

It remains to be seen if the new features of the DualSense, such as haptics, will not affect the life of its battery. On paper, the DualSense clearly benefits from a better battery than the DualShock 4.

Galaxyrain666, “which claims to make”compatibility tests“with the DualSense, asserts that the latter is”much more pleasant and comfortable than the DualShock 4.” According to him, “the reactions are magical and the mechanical structures of the triggers seem very complex. “ He further believes that people do “will not be due. ”

As a reminder, the official Sony website dedicated to the accessories of the PS5 did not indicate the battery life of its controller while it gave that of the headset. This had logically prompted some players to wonder about the battery of the DualSense. Obviously, this leak must be taken with a grain of salt, as its authenticity cannot be verified.

As a reminder, the two models of PS5 are scheduled for the end of this year.

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