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A mid-range helmet that does the job




We had the opportunity to test long, wide and cross (from the head) the MSI GH50 helmet which is positioned in the mid-range at the manufacturer. With music on the head, games or simple videos on YouTube. We tell you everything.

As with the Vigor GK50, MSI recently revised the packaging of its products to make it something quite pure in the brand's colors. In this case white and red. inside there is of course the helmet with a typical gamer design. That is to say thick lines which are found even in the headset. The assembly is made of an anthracite gray plastic of solid aspect (because massive). You will have to see the usage, as always. MSI has made the choice of imitation leather rings / pads. Too bad there is no possibility to choose to switch to foam in hot weather. Generally there is still a profusion of plastic and we could have hoped for a metallic frame.

From 7.1: A marketing asset?

During the first use it is a surprise and not least when connecting the headphones the first time … no sound. After several minutes, it is clear that it is necessary to install the MSI Dragon Center software. The last straw and the first "bad point". Once the helmet on the way we throw a good old piece of classic (Tannhuser Wagner's if you want to know everything) then we enchanne on Hunt: Showdown which as we had specified during our TEST,

offers a particularly important sound spatiality for gameplay and immersion. We take this opportunity to activate the famous 7.1 mode that the helmet offers. The sound is good but difficult to enjoy this system with a good speaker system (which is why it is designed). A mention which is especially a marketing asset but which in fact on a helmet of this type is a technology that hardly proves itself.

Good sound, especially on the bass side

The more traditional sound is good. The soundstage is wide, and the treble and bass are very good. It is especially on the bass side that the headphones are impressive with a vibration system that is impressive enough to activate. It is a good surprise especially for a mid-range helmet which is offered for 70 euros (with a rather spectacular price cart between certain resellers ranging from 70 to 100 euros).

Medium helmet

At iGamesNews we pay particular attention to the microphone. Especially since here we are dealing with a very gaming headset since it plugs into USB. The result on TeamSpeak and Skype is average. The voice is clear, but it's still quite synthetic and the microphone can hardly touch the sounds of a fan of a PC running at full speed during a game. The positive is that it can be removed easily and the helmet is therefore more easily modular and transportable. Especially since it offers the luxury of having a small carrying pouch. Again for the price range it is more than adequate and there is nothing disappointing. The microphone is even superior to that of certain competitors, sometimes sold at a higher price.

Comfort is also there and needless to emphasize the importance of this aspect especially when a party is interned. The foam is pleasant to the ear and the ring completely envelops it like a dome. The good news, if you have a big head is that the helmet does not give this horrible impression of tightening your skull in a calf after several hours. A faultless cot-l.

Finally as always the Dragon Center software allows you to customize the RGB and its 16.8 million colors. All in all has remained fairly sober and we quickly the side a little have you seen me of certain products of this type especially as it is possible to deactivate everything so as not to have your neighbors opposite may you see night fall.



We regret an aspect a little too plastic which is not necessarily very good taste but despite everything for its more than affordable price (70 euros at some retailers) we have on our headsets a helmet with good quality which sometimes does better than competition for less. MSI therefore insisted on sound quality (very good bass) to offer users a pleasant experience for a price that is very affordable at this level.

  • Good sound quality.
  • Long-term comfort.
  • The bass vibration system.
  • Obligation to have the software.
  • Too much plastic.
  • Price : 70 €
  • Weight : 300g (helmet)
  • Transducers : 2×40 mm
  • Impdance : 32 Ohm
  • Frequency response : 20 – 20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity : 109dB (+/- 3dB)
  • Connectivity : USB cable 2.2m
  • Where to buy? : Amazon


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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