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A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure is Ron Gilbert's new (mini) graphic adventure. And it's free




Start the week with a new free game by Ron Gilbert it's not bad at all. And if it is a mini-adventure that serves to return to Thimbleweed Park and see things from a new perspective, well hey, I can't think of reasons to say no.

Its name does not deceive: Delores: A Thimbleweed P ark Mini-Adventure

It stars Delores, one of Thimbleweed Park's most beloved characters. The MMucasFlem Games programmer has been out of town for a year when she decides to return for a little vacation. And while she's at it, she goes to work as a photographer for Nickel News so she can get a little extra.

Gilbert assures that not a sequel to Thimbleweed Park, but rather a kind of appendix to the original. In fact, the designer has explained that this game was born last March from its intention to rewrite the original game engine during these confined times without a clear objective, simply by exploring new possibilities. During these tests, the prototype of a small game was eventually developed, which was later joined by more people and which came to life in the form of a mini-adventure starring Delores.

This means that everything on a technical level is practically the same as what we found in the original game (art, sounds), but what has evolved is Thimbleweed Park. There have been a series of very relevant changes in the town, such as that the D&D Diner has become a five-star establishment or that Ransom the Clown is winning humanitarian awards. It's funny.

You know, if you want a new round of puzzles with Delores, you can free download so much from steam how from the Epic Games Store.


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