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After this realistic Squirtle 3D, you will never see the Pokémon the same again



After this realistic Squirtle 3D, you will never see the Pokémon the same again

Pokémon it adds up and continues, being one of the most profitable franchises in the world. 25 years nothing more and nothing less carry pocket monsters among us and have starred in moments that are saved in the retina of millions of players around the world. A journey that began in the Kanto region with one of the most complex decisions that we have faced as players: ¿Bulbasaur, Charmander o Squirtle? If your choice was the initial water type, you have to see what we show you below.

And it is that from the Reddit forums we have been able to see a realistic 3D model of Squirtle that offers an aspect of the water Pokémon like we have never imagined before. The creation is the work of the artist mwilde and presents the creature with an aspect that could well belong to the real world

or to a realistic looking animation tape. The degree of detail is sensational, both in the shell, as the roughness of the skin and in the scales and even in the beak and eyes. You can see the result in the publication that we leave you right here.

I made a realistic Squirtle in 3d! from r/pokemon

It will be necessary to see if the artist launches to complete the trio with Charmander and Bulbasaur 3D designs or other Pokémon.

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