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Alan Wake: On the 10th anniversary: ​​Here you get it for free!




Remedy Entertainment celebrates the anniversary of one of its greatest titles. You can therefore temporarily secure it for free via a channel.

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The cult smith Remedy Entertainment has already launched several blockbusters on the market. One of them, namely Alan Wake, is now celebrating his tenth birthday. The anniversary took place on Thursday, May 14th – and of course it is time to celebrate.

That's why Remedy has now announced a special promotion: Alan Wake can secure Xbox Game Pass subscribers from May 21, 2020 at no additional cost. As of the date mentioned, the title is part of the line-up of the service on Xbox One and PC alike.

Alan Wake is a third-person action adventure that is heavily inspired by the books by Stephen King and the TV series "Twin Peaks" by David Lynch. The story follows the writer Alan Wake, who withdraws to solve a writer's block. But things develop really strange as a result.

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