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Alan Wake turns 10 and celebrates it by announcing his arrival on Xbox Game Pass




Ten years ago Remedy Entertainment public Alan Wake on the European Xbox 360, a mysterious thriller that puts us in the shoes of a writer who, while searching for his missing wife, discovers the pages of a novel he doesn't remember writing. Ten years later we celebrate the anniversary of this video game The only one whose sequel is missing, but it is expected.

Alan Wake it's practically a cult video game. It is remembered by many as a brave work at the time, with good narrative ideas that we will later see reflected in other Remedy productions such as Control (which, spoiler, shares the universe with Alan Wake), however the industry seems to have had no room for a sequel in the ten years that separate us from its launch.

Bright falls, the small town that houses the plot of Alan Wake, be covered in darkness to dive right into a gruesome psychological horror story in which the protagonist can only defend himself with the light

, as opposed to the darkness that bathed the entire stage. This game stands out for being a pioneer in a style that Remedy has made his own over the years, a kind of television narration with suspense and script twists inherited directly from the mystery series.

We talked before a possible sequel or continuation of Alan Wake for various reasons: in addition to its connections with the successful Control, also because Remedy herself has repeatedly expressed her desire to continue working in that universe. Just last year I recovered the IP rights and there was even talk of a remastering of the original for PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

Celebrate with discounts and opening on Xbox Game Pass

Right now One of the most practical ways to access Remedy's thriller is through his PC version. available on steam, platform in which precisely has lowered its price by 90% on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, staying in a cost less than two euros. The history of this game with digital stores would also give for a thriller of its own: in 2017 it disappeared from all digital platforms, making it inaccessible to those who had not previously purchased it or did not have it in physical format. Fortunately Alan Wake I ended up going back to Steam.

In early 2020 Alan Wake I also went back to the Xbox digital store and just today Remedy has confirmed that from May 21 it will be available on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC.


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