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Alaska Bushman | Broadcast Dates and Streams | May / June 2020




All broadcast dates of DMAX broadcast

The Brown family on the TV show "Alaska Bush People" is not a typical family next door. This family is far away from civilization and smartphones, and has been living for 30 years, unable to obtain running water or electricity. They fought for survival in the wild. Netzwelt has all broadcast dates.

The documentary series "Alaska Bush People" was broadcast in Germany by DMAX and "Pay TV Broadcasting Company Discovery Channel", and accompanied their parents Billy and Amy Brown. They decided to break with seven children and move towards modern society. This family is self-sufficient and they call themselves "Wolrudel". In the new episode, the Browns left Alaska to start a new life in Washington.

Date and time of the Alaska Bushman broadcast

Currently Alaska Bush people without new episodes broadcast. However, you can watch the representative on TV.
In principle, they run on the Discovery Channel, but we are also here to show you the broadcast dates of other stations.


Wolf visit

In May 11, 2020 Ok 07:30 Time

The Browns are defensive. You found a wolf trail nearby! A cat also disappeared mysteriously. Will it become a victim of predators?

2020-05-11T07: 30 2020-05-11T07: 30 Discovery Channel


Hunting pheasant

In May 11, 2020 Ok 08:15 Time

The Browns started their first pheasant hunt together. Subsequently, the children showed a creative surprise show to their parents Ami and Billy: sweeping the stage for the colorful barn theater!

2020-05-11T08: 15 2020-05-11T08: 15 Discovery Channel


Mourning poultry

In May 11, 2020 Ok 08:55 Time

Animal rights activist Snowbird does everything she can to prevent the slaughter of her beloved chicken-after all, she raises poultry with her own hands!

2020-05-11T08: 55 2020-05-11T08: 55 Discovery Channel

There will be more repetitions in the next few days

launcherCall timeEpisode
Discovery Channel

2020/05/12 07:15 AM

Chaos before the storm 2020-05-12T07: 15 2020-05-12T07: 15 Discovery Channel If you want to build a strong house, you need a lot of stones! Therefore, all the Brown brothers work together to achieve the ideal goal.
Discovery Channel

2020/05/12 at 8:00 AM

Wait for the end 2020-05-12T08: 00 2020-05-12T08: 00 Discovery Channel Contractions began with Rhain Alisha! While Noah and his wife were waiting for the birth of baby Eli in the city, the rest …
Discovery Channel

2020/05/12 08:45 am

Pasture water 2020-05-12T08: 45 2020-05-12T08: 45 Discovery Channel Brown ’s dropout family has a grand plan: to build a reliable water supply system for people and animals on a self-sufficient farm, …
Discovery Channel

2020/05/12 5:40 PM

Grew up in the wild 2020-05-12T17: 40 2020-05-12T17: 40 Discovery Channel Billy Brown and his wife Ami have lived in the forests of Alaska for 30 years. Seven of her children were born in a log cabin without electricity, …
Discovery Channel

May 12, 2020 at 6:20 pm

Brothers looking around 2020-05-12T18: 20 2020-05-12T18: 20 Discovery Channel The best shooter in the family, Bam, and his brother Gabe are hunting in Alaska. Both aim at the reindeer. at her…
Discovery Channel

May 12, 2020 at 7:05 pm

Do everything possible 2020-05-12T19: 05 2020-05-12T19: 05 Discovery Channel Bam Brown viewed the area from the high seat. However, no animal can be observed from a distance. This is a painful setback for …
Discovery Channel

May 13, 2020 at 7:10 am

Ostrich farm 2020-05-13T07: 10 2020-05-13T07: 10 Discovery Channel Unsolicited trip to the North Arctic Ranch: The Browns have hardly survived the deadly event of a bear! Poultry …
Discovery Channel

2020/05/13 at 07:55 AM

Calm before the storm 2020-05-13T07: 55 2020-05-13T07: 55 Discovery Channel Bam and Gabe brought two huge water tanks, and the girls on the mountain repaired the wooden fence for Langhorn cattle. But suddenly …
Discovery Channel

2020/05/13 at 08:40 AM

Wedding in the mountains 2020-05-13T08: 40 2020-05-13T08: 40 Discovery Channel Love is flying: Gabe and Raquell finally agreed! Baam will receive a special honor in the romantic forest wedding …
Discovery Channel

May 13, 2020 at 5:30 pm

Tough decisions 2020-05-13T17: 30 2020-05-13T17: 30 Discovery Channel Billy Brown loves the wild. It was impossible for him to live in a big city. But the local Texans had a difficult time in Alaska …

Despite all our efforts, we may have missed a date or forgotten mistake. If you find any problems, please give us a hint in the comments.

This is how you see the Alaska Bush people in the live broadcast

The easiest way is to receive through the TV streaming service. This not only provides you with the "Alaska jungle man", but also provides you with a complete live broadcast of all programs on the Joy Channel-legal.

Alternatively, you can access the transmitter through an IPTV provider. For example, the Discovery Channel is provided through MagentaTV and Horizon Go. However, please note that both offers are subject to regional restrictions.
You can find more information about the receiving options of Discovery Channel on our page. There you will also find how to receive the transmitter via DVB-S2 or DVB-T2.

The show will be broadcast on DMAX every Friday, with two episodes starting at 8:15 pm. "Alaska Bushman" can also be seen in the live broadcast of Joyn. Duplicate content of this document series can be found in the DMAX media library. Pay TV broadcaster Discovery Channel is also broadcasting a new episode of the show.

"Alaska Bush People": Amy Brown's Battle

After years of fighting cancer with the patriarch Ami Brown, she and Billy moved to the Pacific Northwest with her family. After Ami was diagnosed in 2017, her family was preparing to leave the rural homestead.

The Browns have lived in the deserted Alaska jungle for more than thirty years. It was only in recent years that their dream of establishing a permanent residence in Brown Town was realized. After Ami was diagnosed, they moved to Southern California for treatment.

"Alaska Bush People": How did it all start

The family described themselves as a pack of wolves and was used to living only between each other. They lived in a fantastic environment, but lived alone for more than 30 years. There is no running water or electricity in her house. Their remoteness also means that they cannot live without contact with wildlife, which is why the family had to carry a gun when they left the house.

The life portrayed by the program is far from modern convenience and shows how people and nature coexist. In addition to developing their own dialects between each other, the family also denied their daily lives. The Browns are their own people, because for many months no one else has entered their territory by mistake.

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