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All the new characters from The Last of Us Part II that you shouldn’t lose track of




The Last of Us Part II is coming up. It is less than a month before the proposal of Naughty dog See the light around the world and PlayStation 4 players can discover their proposal. The first installment is already a whole legend of the brand and with its sequel, the Californian studio wants to go one step further and will include new characters that were not present back then. In fact, each and every one of them aim to have a great influence in the plot.

And although it is still early to speak in this regard, it seems that there will be two defined groups: those who will have a direct relationship in Ellie's journey during the development of The Last of Us Part II and what still have a role to determine, but who will follow a line parallel to that of the young protagonist. In the first group we find two of the characters for which we have more details: Dina and Jesse; on the contrary, of the mysterious woman, Lev and Yara so many details are not known. Here is a quick guide to familiarize yourself with these new faces if you haven't already.


dina the last of us part ii

Dina's role in the sequel will be one of the keys to The Last of Us Part II. The young woman will be Ellie's new love and it will accompany her in a good part of the adventure, as it has been seen in the different trailers and gameplay fragments that have been officially issued so far. The relationship between both girls is going to be one of the central points of the argument and it may be one of the elements that define what the protagonist's journey will entail. Everyone knows that the emotional plays an almost vital role in Ellie's attitude, so it will be determinant


From what has been seen so far, Dina is a girl very sure of herself and with a very personal and defined character. Her attitude towards Ellie is sweet and tender, while she also knows how to face difficult problems and situations in which to face the enemies that come before her and demonstrate her personality with respect to other characters. This last aspect could be seen in the gameplay of E3 2018, when he addresses the one who had been his partner previously and who is the next character we will talk about.


jesse the last of us part ii

Jesse knows little less than Dina. At the moment, considering what has been shown to date, belongs to the settlement where Joel, Ellie and Dina are located. Through her brief conversation with Ellie on the dance scene, it is known that she has had some sort of love relationship with Dina, so a certain conflict can arise when he finds out about the relationship between the two girls. Apparently, it is part of the scouting patrols from the settlement and he's shown himself to be quite a boy I laughed.

In the trailer for the story, he was seen talking to Ellie in a somewhat less friendly manner, but with the same goal in mind

. However, it seems that that relationship will be strained and they will take different paths so it will be an aspect that will evolve throughout the trip and that can provide many nuances regarding where each one can go with their actions. Jesse's words in this trailer are I want the same as you, but not at any price. Hopefully you get it”. Without a doubt, it also aims to have an important weight in the plot.

Lev and Yara

Lev and Yara The Last of Us Part II

Very little is known about these two characters who were shown in the trailer for Paris Games Week 2017 and that it gathers the great doubts of the followers regarding The Last of Us Part II. Both are brothers and they seem to be part of a whole new faction which will be key in the sequel. At the moment no details are known about it, but they could be part of the enemy group that Ellie will have to face, if we take into account its Asian features, identical to those of the people the protagonist faced in the E3 2018 gameplay.

It's early to know what role will both play in the story, since the characters in The Last of Us have so many nuances that it is difficult to determine the good and evil of their actions. If it is true that they belong to the confirmed group of Seraphities, his prominent presence in that trailer can be decisive for the development of events. It would be better not to lose track of these two brothers.

Mysterious woman

mystery woman the last of us part ii

And if Lev and Yara occupy some of the most enigmatic questions of the followers of The Last of Us Part II, it goes without saying that the mysterious woman who accompanies them in that trailer It is the great secret that everyone wants to know. You don't even know the name of it, just that it's the character who plays Laura Bailey. It is intuited that it will have a great weight in the proposal, because otherwise it would not have been the protagonist of a trailer of that magnitude. It is the best kept secret by Naughty Dog since the sequel was announced and of course the answers will come from next 19th of June, when the title is officially available on PlayStation 4.

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