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Amazon Prime Video: Last chance for Hanni, Nanny and science fiction horror movie



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At Amazon Prime Video, some movies will also say goodbye to the show this weekend. Until Saturday, you can watch the adventure of a pair of popular twins with your children, and watch Canadian thrillers all weekend.


With "Memories", Canadian science fiction works will soon leave Amazon Prime Video. (Source:

Series and movies are deleted from Amazon Prime almost every day in May. To allow you to keep an overview, we have selected some highlights this weekend, and you will not be able to broadcast anymore soon. The plan will delete two "Hanni & Nanni" movies and the science fiction horror movie "The Recall".

The data provided here refers to the date specified by Amazon as the date of deletion. Sometimes you can still see the title on the specified date, but usually delete it on that day. For security reasons, we recommend that you watch movies and series on the day before the deletion date.

Hanni and Nanni

In 2010, he successfully adapted the famous "Hanni and Nanny" children's book series, which attracted nearly one million viewers to the cinema. Until Saturday (including Saturday), children's movies that won the Bambi Award can still be viewed on Amazon Prime Video. If you are looking for a job for the children on the weekend, or if you have grown up with children ’s books, you can still watch this movie.

Hanni and Nanni 2

The same is true for "Hanni and Nanni 2", where the two main actresses Jana and Sophia Münster changed their main roles. However, with two twins, no one will notice this. In the second part, the stories from Enid Blyton's famous books were also reissued, but they were also greatly alienated.


You can watch the Canadian science fiction thriller "Memories" throughout the weekend, because this movie will only be deleted on Tuesday. We followed a group of teenagers who set up camp in the middle of the forest. Sounds like a premise for horror movies? it is. In addition, there are some aliens, of course, will meet young people. If you endure a little rubbish, you will like this movie.

Amazon Prime Video-Last Chance: These movies and series will be deleted

This weekend there are many other movies and series that bid farewell to Amazon Prime Video. Under the link above, you can get an overview. If you want to know which new versions you should not miss on Amazon Prime Video, we will also provide you with a suitable overview.

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