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Amazon Prime Video: Watch Christian Bale ’s drama and World War I documentary now




Versatile on weekends

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Offers are rotated on Amazon Prime Video. This weekend, Amazon Prime Video will no longer provide "enemy-adversary" and "14-World War I diary." You can find more information about movies and series from us.

Christian Bale attends

Christian Bale topped the list in "Fernde-Hostile Action". (Source:

This weekend, you can watch some series and movies on Amazon Prime Video, which will no longer be available early next week. War documentaries and first-class American drama should give you enough diversity.


Christian Bale played a US Army soldier in "enemy-hostile action". In order to fulfill his mission, he had to reach a settlement with Chief Cheyenne. The common enemy is pulling the original competitors closer. For impressive landscape photos and a bit of American history, you can check Amazon Prime Video again this weekend.

14- Diary of World War I

In addition, you can watch the series this weekend, which introduces the different destinies of the First World War. The First World War was partly based on files and partly through animation, so it was re-narrated and given a background. You can see "14-Diary of the First World War" on Amazon Prime Video until Sunday night.

Amazon Prime Video-Last Chance: These movies and series will be deleted

You can find in the link above which other movies and series will disappear from Amazon Prime's offer. We will also let you know the new features of Amazon Prime in May.

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Amazon Prime Video: Our series recommended

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