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AMD Chipset Driver: New Version, Old Problems?




There are new chipset drivers for motherboards with the AM4 socket, but so far only via ASRock and not via AMD itself.

There are new chipset drivers for motherboards with the AM4 socket, but so far only via ASRock and not via AMD itself.

In the past, there have been reports of problems with manual installation in connection with AMD's chipset drivers for the AM4 and TR4 sockets. An over ASRock newly released version gives hope that they could be fixed (via Computer base).

ASRock is faster than AMD: Release notes with information about the exact changes and possible bug fixes of the new version are not yet available on the AMD website. So far it is still there only the predecessor in version

to find.

We were able to easily install the new driver on one of our test systems. In the Computerbase forum but users who continue to encounter problems also report.

You can express yourself in an error message during installation. With predecessors it sometimes happened that a progress of zero percent was displayed, but the installation still worked in the background.

This can be remedied by uninstalling the old driver before installing the new driver. However, this does not bring the desired success in all cases.

Do I need the new chipset driver? Basically, it is not necessary to install chipset drivers manually. Windows 10 usually ensures that it has the necessary drivers ready. As long as your system is running stable, we see no reason for a manual installation.

If you still want to install the new drivers manually instead of waiting until this happens via the Windows updates, it can't hurt to wait until AMD offers to download the drivers itself.

When will AMD bring the new drivers themselves? We have already asked AMD when a release on the AMD website is expected and whether the new chipset drivers should solve the known problems of the predecessors. If we receive new information, we will update this message accordingly.


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