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An artist designs Broly from Dragon Ball like you never would have imagined



An artist designs Broly from Dragon Ball like you never would have imagined

The list of anime that everyone should see may be somewhat extensive, but without a doubt in the top 5 is the saga of Dragon Ball. This anime is one of the most recognized thanks to its peculiar artistic style, combats, characters and plot.

However, something that makes it stand out from the great multitude of anime available is the number of fans around the world

. They are capable of creating powerful character designs like Yamcha, worthy of belonging to an alternate universe of Dragon Ball and extremely strange crossovers like Goku and Yu-Gi-Oh.

As you will see, these are not the only works of art available, followers continue to recreate amazing illustrations like this funny design of Broly from Dragon Ball.

Broly the Vegan Super Saiyan

He digital illustrator known as mrPandabot35, shared with the Reddit community an unusual design, taking as inspiration the Saiyan Broly

. As you can appreciate Broly is found as a vegetable, specifically a broccoli and in Super Broly mode.

Broly-colli, me, digital, 2020 from dbz

Broly-colli, me, digital, 2020 from dbz

This can be noticed because his eyes are white and his features are characteristic of Super Broly mode. In turn, the yellow belt-shaped coat makes contrast with her green body and was given the peculiar name of “Broly-colli”.

What do you think of this vegan Broly?

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