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Analyst Michael Pachter notes that PS5 would cost $ 500 and Xbox Series X $ 400




There are, at most, seven months that Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X they get to the stores. Despite its relatively close release, neither Sony nor Microsoft have spoken on its price, or at least, not with a specific number. Unlike analysts, who have spent months speculating on the euros or dollars that we will have to save. The last to do so has been Michael Pachter, who offers two specific numbers: $ 500 for PS5 and $ 400 for XSX.

Geoff Keighley, presenter of The Game Awards and organizer of the Summer Game Fest, participated on Thursday, May 7 in a conversation through Periscope with Aaron Greenberg (head of marketing for Xbox), Peter Moore (CEO of Liverpool and former EA) and the aforementioned Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities.

The well-known analyst, who on more than one occasion has skated with his predictions, said: "From what I have seen, Sony is going to charge 500 dollars for its PS5, and Microsoft has a huge annual balance", he commented referring to the benefits of the Redmond company. "If they want to cut the price by $ 100, priced below (from their competitor) and subsidize the first ten million, they will."

Xbox Series X

Pachter's reasoning is that, thanks to the income that Microsoft has both for services such as Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold, but also for non-video game products such as the Windows operating system and Office office software, they could sell the console at a loss

to have a lower price than the PlayStation system.

Microsoft to be flexible with the price of Xbox Series X

Also last week, Jason Ronald, the head of hardware and software design for Xbox Series XI pointed out that created "the system with a recommended price in mind". But he explained that this figure can vary: "We trust the system we have designed, but at the same time, we are going to be flexible with the price."


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