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Ancestors Legacy will bring its medieval strategy to Switch on June 11




Independent study Destructive Creations has announced today that Ancestors Legacy, his real-time medieval strategy video game, will be published on Nintendo Switch next June 11. This title will be released on PC in the year 2018, also coming to PS4 and Xbox One a year later. Next month he will complete his particular platform poker landing on the Nintendo hybrid as well.

In Ancestors Legacy We take control of a medieval army of a civilization to choose between four: Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans or Slavs. Through forty unique missions and skirmishes we will have to progress our faction, not only continually seeking victory but also managing the base and the team from the rear. Within its gameplay is also highlighted a day-night cycle that modifies the battlefield and the behavior of the soldiers

, so it will have to be taken into account to avoid defeat.

Get to Switch with no change in performance

From Destructive Creations explain that "despite some hardware limitations" the Nintendo Switch version of Ancestors Legacy maintains the same "refined gameplay" of the original, reinforced by its cinematic action camera and by more than six hundred combat animations; These animations have been developed with motion capture and scanned for precise use within the game, each corresponding not only with the type of unit and its weapon, but also with which enemy is currently fighting and the state of both units. .

In addition to its digital release, Destructive Creations has also announced that Ancestors Legacy have a physical edition that will be published this year in the markets of Europe, Asia and America. The specific release date of this edition has not yet been specified, but they point, as we said, that it will go on sale throughout the remainder of 2020.


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