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Angry Birds will have its own animated series on Netflix




After hitting the screens of cinemas and virtual reality video games, Angry Birds will now land on Netflix with a new animated series called "Angry Birds: Summer Madness." Apparently, the protagonists will be the same characters, Red, Bomb and Chuck, which will be the protectors of the island of the birds to prevent the pigs from seizing the eggs. In short, it is a continuation of the adventures of the movies.

This animated series will feature 40 episodes total, each of them will have approximately 11 minutes of playback. On the other hand, the CMO of Rovio, Ville Heijari, has said that after seeing the success that the franchise has had in recent years, this is one step further that they take with the CAKE association to expand the horizons of birds.

Angry Birds animated content plays a key role in our long-term franchise strategy. After more than a decade in hit games, blockbuster movies, and licensed products, this is Angry Birds' first foray into a large format series. We are delighted to continue our partnership with CAKE and look forward to introducing the world of Angry Birds: Summer Madness to viewers on Netflix. ”

This has been the only thing they have announced, the image they have shared show the 3 main characters sitting around a campfire as if they were having a camping night. New images are expected to be revealed shortly to see a little more of this new animated series.


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