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Animal Crossing: A New Vision of Red's Forged Art Guide-How to Get Paintings and Statue




The cunning fox Redd is a repeat customer of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, selling masterpieces of "suspicious" authenticity. To add some much-needed culture to your island, follow the steps below Red's Treasure HuntAnd judge whether his works are fake or real.

With the latest update of New Horizons, Reid ’s treasure hunter can sell masterpieces from all over the world, but there are many places. Redd's inventory is a carefully crafted work Fake art, paintings and statues, Even the most meticulous collector may be confused.

Everything you can buy is an animal-traveling version of the most respected practitioner in history (a world-renowned tour)-including Van Gogh, Leonardo and Rembrandt, as well as Japanese classic painters.

Not only can you display these new works of art at home, but Blathers also opened another exhibition hall of the museum for display. By submitting your work to the museum, you will get more information about its artists and creations.

How to get artwork and unlock Red Treasure Trawler

In fact, getting Rede ’s Treasure Trawler to visit the artwork and statues on your island involves a considerable amount of process.

As a visual guide, this video from YouTuber TagBackTV shows the whole process, but we also write it out:

First, you need to make sure that you have downloaded the latest update so that everything can be displayed in the game. Next, go to the Blathers in the Town Museum and he will release a message: The new art wing of the building is being planned.

Blathers will ask you to pay close attention to the artworks to be displayed and bring them to him.

Now wait until the next day and look around your island. You should find a new visitor – the sly orange fox Redd. He managed to get rid of the "crazy" nickname in the previous game, but he was equally shrewd.

Talk to Redd, he will provide you with completely legal artwork at a low price of about 500,000 ring. When you are dissatisfied with this number, he will reduce the money by 100 times, and you only need to pay about 5000 bells. As far as I know, the first artwork sold by Reid will be real. But different people will get different works. For example, I obtained "The Longing Drawing of Girls Wearing Pearl Earrings", and TagBackTV in the video obtained the academic painting of "Vitruvian Man".

Take him to a bargain, and then show the art to Blathers. Today, the original paintings he owns will begin to be built in new and improved museums.

That is, it will be closed for a whole day during the renovation.

After completing the dust removal, you will be able to read the museum's art room. If you want to hold a celebration, go back outside to participate in the celebration, and then look around your island.

The perverted Redd should appear on your island again, only this time, when you talk to him, he will say that he broke down on the north shore of your island.

Now, you can go to his treasure hunter to visit Redd's gallery exhibition hall. It should be on a remote beach in the middle of the north coast of the island-you will need a ladder to get there.

Inside, there will be two pieces of furniture and four pieces of artwork.

However, you need to be selective; you can only buy one piece of art per day, although you can buy as many pieces of furniture as you like.

Redd is an island tourist such as Gulliver and Saharah, so he will not be there every day. After purchasing a painting or statue, he will ship it to your mailbox to collect it the next day.

How to distinguish Redd's fake artwork

If, like me, it did n’t take as many years as an art history degree, then the nuances of fake artwork might be difficult to find, especially painting.

In order to learn about Redd's fake artwork from a real transaction, you are looking for the difference between the Animal Crossing version and the real work. This can take the form of something that is missing, something that is added, something that changes in size, or something whose color changes from the original color.

One trick is to use the enlarged view to conduct a thorough inspection before purchasing. However, you can also talk to regular villagers for more information. If any of them mentioned that they bought a specific fake painting or statue from Redd, then you know that the painting or statue he tried to sell to you was also fake!

Please refer to the list below for a complete summary of the required knowledge.

Animal Crossing: A False Art List of New Horizons

The following are all the paintings obtained from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including their counterparts in the real world.

u / Acadiaa reported on r / AnimalCrossing subreddit the difference between real and fake paintings and between statues.

We list all errors, treat them as fakes, and add pictures of real artworks, so you can compare with Redd's inventory.

Click or tap the image to zoom in.

Animal Transit: New Vision's Red Fake Art List
Art Animal Crossing Name:Art real name:True and false:What is the painting in real life:
Academic paintingThe Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da VinciThe fake is stained in the upper right corner
Amazing paintingRembrandt's "The Night Watch"In the fake, the man with a red belt in the middle did not wear a hat
Basic painting"Blue Boy" by Thomas GainsboroughIn the fake, the forehead of the "Blue Boy" has no gaps and is full of tassels
Calm paintingGeorges Seurat ’s Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande JatteNo fakes
Ordinary paintingJean Francois Miller's "The Picker"No fakes
Detailed paintingIto Jakuchu's "Hydrangea of ​​Rooster and Hydrangea"The forgery is missing the Japanese text on the left side of the drawing
Dynamic paintingHokusai Kanagawa Big WaveIn the previous game, there was a fake version, in which the island in the background was too large, but there was no reported fake version in New Horizon
Famous paintingMona LisaFake eyebrows
Gorgeous paintingSunflower, Vincent Van GoghNo fakes
Luminous paintingTo be determinedNo fakesTo be determined
Beautiful paintingHisagawa Morshin's beautiful reviewThe figure in the fake is too big-she should only occupy about half of the brown background
Joy painting"Summer" by Giuseppe ArcimboldoThere are flowers that stick out from the chest, fakes do n’t
Moody paintingPlanter Jean-Francois MilletNo fakes
Mobile paintingThe birth of Venus, Sandro BotticelliThere is no tree in the upper right corner of the fake
Mysterious paintingTo be determinedNo fakesTo be determined
Beautiful paintingEdward Manet's "Fife"No fakes
Perfect paintingStill life of Paul Cezanne, apples and orangesNo fakes
Proper paintingThe Bar of Folies-Bergere by Edouard ManetNo fakes
Quaint paintingJohannes Vermeer's milkmaidFake milk poured more
Horror paintingKabuki Ukiguchi's sophomore III plays Yasko Edobei, starring in Toshusai Sharaku's "Colored Rope of Beloved Wife"The fake eyebrows point upwards as if the characters were confused, and the eyebrows should frown
Landscape paintingPieter Bruegel, "The Hunter in the Snow or the Return of the Hunter"Fake only one hunter left, only fewer dogs left
Serene paintingMrs. Da Vinci and "Ermine"In real paintings, the ferret is white, and it is a different color in the fake
Sinking paintingTo be determinedNo fakesTo be determined
Solemn paintingLa Diego Menaz or "Lady Waiting"In fakes, the arm of the person in the background is pointing upwards like a wave.
Instant paintingVincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"No fakes
Warm paintingDressed Maja or La Maja Vestida by Francisco de GyoaNo fakes
Left half of wild paintingFengshen and Raytheon Fang Genglin (Raijin)The figure in the real painting should be white, but in the fake he is green
Field painting right halfOgata Korin (Fuujin) "Aeolus and Thor"The figures in real paintings should be green, but the figures in fakes should be white
Longing for paintingJohannes Vermeer's "Girl with Pearl Earrings"This girl has a big star earring on the fake
Worth paintingFreedom to lead the people Eugène Delacroix (Eugène Delacroix)No fakes

Animal Crossing: List of New Vision False Statues

If you prefer outdoor activities, here are all the data statues from Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

We have compiled a list of all the fake and shoddy products that have become fake, and attached a real picture for your reference. You can click or click on the image to view the larger image.

For more information about "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", please see our list of all fish prices and all insect price lists.

Or, if you are more excited about new things on the island, then here is how to upgrade to Nook's Cranny!

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