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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Sell Radishes to Hit the Stock Market




Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is a good old combination of old and new games, and one of the returning elements of previous games is Straw marketwhere are you Sell ​​radishes Make money.

Although we detailed Radish market In the guide on how to make money fast in Animals Through New Horizons, it is an important part of the game, so it's worth a detailed introduction on a separate page. Participate in the straw market-this is of course Animal Crossing's playful treatment stock market – So far, this is the fastest way to make bells – but it also involves a lot of risks.

On this page, we will detail how to buy and sell radishes, how the entire system works and what kind of profit can be expected. let's start…

Animals radish explained across new horizons

As mentioned earlier, turnips can power animal hybrid versions of the stock market, the stalk market (Turnips … increase profits – get it?) Like the stock market, the price of radishes fluctuates sharply every day-one day may rise and one day may fall sharply.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Daisy May will eventually visit your island once a week and every Sunday. She will give you a chance to buy radishes, But it ’s important to note – radishes go bad after 7 days, so you have to sell them and make money by next Sunday. The next Saturday at 10pm is your last chance to sell them. If you miss the window, the radish will go bad and worthless.

The game you need to play is: you want to check the price of radish with Timmy and Tommy every day. The price of radish usually ranges from as low as 50 bells per head to as high as 200 bells per head, but in the previous animal crossing games, the huge increase even brought the heads closer to 1,000 bells. If you have a small spike on Monday and can make money, do you sell radish immediately or do you want the price to rise even higher?

Radishes cannot be sold on Sundays and can only be purchased from Daisy Mae. She will also only start appearing on your island after you have built some infrastructure and Nook's Crany Shop buildings.

There is no guarantee that you will profit from radishes. Just like the stock market, one of these elements is completely out of your control. The price you can sell and the price you can buy from Daisy Mae are different-so you have to decide what risk you want to take. Also keep in mind that you cannot store radishes in the "storage" of your house, although you can place radishes on the floor in your room. A dedicated straw market trader may wish to devote the entire room to radish storage.

How to buy and sell turnips in New Horizons animals

Although there are no hard and fast rules for radishes in "Animals Across New Horizons," we would say As long as you can buy them with less than 100 bells, it is a considerable investment. If you are very unfortunate, we cannot guarantee it, but Radish prices usually reach at least 100 bells at certain times of the week, Which means that if you buy radishes for less than that price, you can make a profit just by paying attention and checking the prices regularly.

Check the price of radish with Timmy and Tommy every day in Nook's Crany. After the store is open, the price will definitely change every day, but in the past game, the price also changed at noon throughout the day. Important note is that radishes must be sold before Saturday's closing time: you cannot put radishes in the drop-off box. They can only be sold while the store is actively operating.

Ultimately, only you can decide when is the right time to cash in on radishes, but we do have an important piece of advice: don't let radishes rot. If you arrive next Sunday without selling them, they are virtually completely worthless-not worth a penny. It's better to sell at a low price and lose on Saturday afternoon than to lose it all-so make sure you sell.


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