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animated poster relive the moment of Trunks of the Future




Surely there are curiosities of Trunks that you did not know or surely you had not noticed a very alternative cosplay of Trunks of the Alternative Future, but I fixed that you remember perfectly his battle against Frieza and using your mighty sword, right? Well, this incredible animated film reminds us, not without a certain nostalgia, of mauve hair fighter from the future.

Under these lines you can see this artistic work that Share Wizyakuza on Reddit and you will love it almost certainly because it represents a iconic anime moment in the fight against Frieza

that had it not been for Trunks of the Alternative Future would have had perhaps a more dire end. This sheet recovers that moment and transfers it to us in a fantastic 3D artwork and with movement included.

Heyy Friieeezzaaaa !! 🔥🔥⁣🙄😳☠️⁣⁣ desde dbz

What do you think this 3D design of Alternative Future Trunks? Wouldn't you like to have a poster like this for decorate your room or living room?

Cover image I Reddit

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