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Apex Legends: Tomorrow's going: Season 5 awaits you




Tomorrow, Tuesday, there will finally be new feed in the long-running battle royale Apex Legends. Respawn heralds the fifth season – and here we give you an overview of what you can expect.

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Starting tomorrow, Season 5 will be available in Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox One and PC under the name "Favor of Destiny". In addition to other new content, the focus is above all on a new legend with Loba. There is also a new quests mode, map adjustments, of course a new Battle Pass and more.

The new trailer below introduces you to Loba. The cunning new protagonist is on a private vengeance campaign against the fearsome, seemingly immortal revenant. She is driven by her desire to retaliate and has the skills to atone for the premature death of her family. After the murder of her parents, she took on the role of a famous society lady during the day and made a name for herself at night as the most dangerous thief of the Outlands. Now she wants to hunt down Revenant.

Officially, Respawn states the most important new content of the fresh season as follows:

  • New legend: "While Loba is always a step ahead of her opponents thanks to her teleportation ability, her passive ability also gives her a clear advantage when looking for prey. Loba's ultimate skill, the black market, provides her squad mates with a focal point for getting the best loot in the area . "
  • Quests – "A new mode in Apex Legends. Players looking for fame, fortune and an additional story can search for treasure in Season 5 and take part in a nine-week series of PvE quests."
  • Map changes: "Loba's arrival in the Royal Gorge and her attempt to destroy Revenant had a dramatic impact on the arena as popular landing zones such as Skull City were destroyed and the way legends proceeded the next time they attacked or defended an area. "
  • Battle Pass – "A new Battle Pass with more than 100 exclusive items, such as skins, Battle Pass content, and Apex packs."
  • Ranking league series 4 – "It introduces connection restores. If a player's internet connection is lost due to a power outage or a crash in the game, he can now restart the game and return to the session."
Apex Legends – Season 5: Meet Loba Character Trailer

With Loba, the video introduces you to the latest character from the battle royale hit Apex Legends.


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