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Apple Watch becomes Cyber ​​Watch: Do you want to touch Tesla on your wrist?




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If you want to slightly improve the appearance of the smart watch before the appearance of Apple Watch 6, you can use Cyber ​​Watch. This case brought obvious Tesla network truck influence to Apple Watch.

Gray has brought a new light to Apple Watch with special circumstances.

Gray has brought a new light to Apple Watch with special circumstances. (Source: gray)

There must be a big intersection between Tesla and Apple fans. But you do n’t have to drive an electric car to enjoy Gray ’s “Cyber ​​Watch”. It is a case with a special strap, suitable for Apple Watch Series 5.

Lecture: Grey Web Watch

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With Cyber ​​Watch …
(Source: gray)

According to the design of the Tesla Network Truck, the case should protect the Apple Watch from scratches and other damage. The display remains free and the housing is made of solid titanium.

Salted price

The optical tuning of the protective Apple Watch 5 is not cheap. The simple titanium version starts at about 470 euros. The limited edition 50-piece gold version costs 840 euros, while the Cyber ​​Watch Aurora purchased at 1,130 euros has changing colors. All prices exclude Apple Watch Series5. If you only like bracelets: the price of Cyber ​​Band is 137 Euros. You can find more information on the manufacturer's website.

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Maybe you better wait for the next version of Apple Watch? We hope that Apple will launch the next-generation computer watch and iPhone 12 in September. All the information we already know about Apple Watch 6 can be found here.

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