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Arc System Works unveils its new organization chart



Arc System Works unveils its new organization chart

Yesterday, a general meeting, bringing together the managers of Arc System Works and its shareholders, decided on a new internal organization, in particular with the aim of rejuvenating decision-making and developing internationally.

In a press release on its official website and translated by iGamesNews, we discover that Blazblue creator Toshimichi Mori has been promoted to brand manager, and that its role is now to enhance Arc System Works. Another novelty, Hideyuki Anbe, present in the company for almost 30 years, has been chosen to occupy the position of product development manager and technical director

. His takeover was accompanied by an organizational change in the “product development department”, which is made up of four divisions:

  • Product Development Division 1: led by Akira Katano, this division deals with fighting games
  • Product Development Division 2: this division is headed by Satoshi Shimada, and its role is essentially to take care of dematerialized games
  • Product Development Division 3: led by Ryohei Endo, the division is in charge of fighting games developed outside Arc System Works
  • Product Development Division 4: its manager is Tatsunori Ishikawa, whose job is to manage Arc System Works games which are not combat games

As for Arc System Works as a company, we learn the creation of a global commercial department, headed by Takeshi Yamanaka, accompanied by Kaoru Miyamoto as assistant. Finally, the “domestic commercial department” is making various changes, both within the staff and at the organizational level. Focused on digital marketing, this division is headed by Hidenori Murata, while Riku Ozawa is in charge of the section dedicated to digital marketing.

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