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Assassin's Creed: Is an Announcement Imminent?




When it was quiet for a long time about a game series and the rumors sprout, every statement is put on the gold scales. Bayek spokesman from Assassin's Creed: Origins stirs up further hope with a tweet.

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Abubakar Salim, Bayek's original voice from AC: Origins not only complained in a tweet about the state of the world and the stupidity of people, but also promised juicy revelations and announcements for this week. Of course, this does not necessarily have to have anything to do with Assassin's Creed, but on the other hand, his speaking role has earned him a BAFTA award and should therefore not be of little importance for the voice actor, even if he is perkily active as an actor.

The announcement of a new Assassin's Creed shouldn't be inconvenient to most fans, since rumors have been around for a long time about a new part – clarity would finally be nice.

The most persistent rumor continues that the next Assassin's Creed under the name Ragnarok will lead us into the dark age of the Vikings. The game is said to offer drop-in / drop-out co-op for up to four players and have an immense game world size across Northern Europe. Hopefully we will soon find out what is in the end of all of this.

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