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Assassin's Creed Origins and Odyssey: Discovery Tours offered on PC for a few days – News




Ubisoft offers us to download the Discovery Tours: Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt for free today and until May 21 on Uplay PC as part of the "Stay at home, Play at home" campaign.

The Discovery Tours of Origins and Odyssey are presented as interactive museums allowing you to discover sections of history in the open world. Ancient Greece invites you to explore 29 regions of ancient Greece in order to learn more about wars, myths, the philosophy of the territory or the customs of the time. Ancient Egypt offers a trip to Ptolemy's Egypt accompanied by guided tours by historians and Egyptologists.

Note that Ubisoft also provides a number of historical texts and other resources for teachers. Etienne Allonier, Brand Director of Assassin's Creed says:

In the current context, millions of children are experiencing a real upheaval in the way they study, teachers are forced to adapt their lessons to digital tools and many people are looking for new ways of learning. We are therefore very proud of the Discovery Tours and their ability to make History accessible, immersive and fun.

As a reminder, these modes are free for owners of basic games. You can go to to take advantage of free offers.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey Discovery Tour

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