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Atlus (Persona) promises PC Gaming Show announcements



Atlus (Persona) promises PC Gaming Show announcements

Atlus' PC offer is currently limited to say the least. On Steam for example, only Catherine Classic is available. to believe recent statements, things will change very soon at this level.

Atlus has just announced that it will have “exciting news“communicate during the PC Gaming Show. As a reminder, it will take place next Saturday, June 13, 8:00 p.m. Paris time. At the time of writing these lines, Atlus has said nothing about the announcements it plans to make during this event.

While waiting for the Japanese publisher to make his announcements, the latter invites PC players to subscribe to his Creator page on Steam. It therefore seems logical to deduce that what Atlus has to show will be offered on Steam.

The fact that Atlus is increasing its presence on PC is not really surprising. SEGA, the mother house of the publisher, has inflated its offer on PC in recent years, including in Japanese games. The increased popularity of Atlus licenses in the West combined with the efforts made by SEGA on PC makes sense the arrival of the Atlus series on this platform. It remains now to find out what the SEGA subsidiary is up to.

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