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Back to the Future already has Funko POP figures! really exclusive




Coinciding with the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future, Funko POP! has decided to take out a collection of figures from the saga among which we can find several of Marty McFly's iconic outfits. The complete set will feature 9 figures in total and some of them will not come alone, like the one includes Doc and the facade of the Department of Social Services or another with McFly and his flying skateboard that, in addition, Includes matching shirt.

Under these lines you can see the figures in greater detail thanks to the post of the Funko's official Instagram account

, still unknown the exact price of each one of them And if we can buy them all outside the United States, because the pack with Marty McFly and the shirt seems that will only be sold at Wallmart
, an American hypermarket chain.

The truth is that all these figures are very successful, although our eyes go directly to Doc and the facade of the building with the lightning that activate the DeLorean and its abilities to travel in time. We want one in our living room!


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