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Bandai Namco announces Trollhunters, Arcadia Protectors – News




Bandai Namco, Outright Games and Universal Games today announce Trollhunters, Arcadia Protectors, adapted from the series produced by Netflix and Dreamworks.

Developped by WayForward and featuring original voices of the series, Trollhunters, Arcadia Protectors is a game ofaction / adventure oriented towards the platform, planned on consoles and PC this summer. Thought within a cross-media strategy, the title will link the three pillars of the Tales of Arcadia trilogy, which includes the Trolls Hunters, 2Below, and Wizards series, which is yet to come. So players will explore a world that ties everything together at the helm of Jim Lake Jr.

, discovering new secrets and mysteries, and trying avoid the "tempocalypse". Jim Molinets, vice president of Universal Games and Digital Platforms, said:

Trollhunters, Arcadia Protectors will take players on an intriguing and authentic new adventure that highlights the key pillars of the series: friendship, loyalty and fantasy. Building on the bold and creative story that has delighted fans for years, the game brings the living world of Arcadia Oaks to life in a fun and surprising way.

For his part, Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games, says:

We are extremely honored to be involved in the franchise in such a comprehensive way. The Tales of Arcadia trilogy stands out in the world of streaming content, by the talents involved and by the breadth of content in the series. Making our game part of it and working with a developer as renowned as Wayforward to put it all together is a dream come true for us.

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