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Become Human will include an extension on Twitch for the community to vote on decisions




Although Detroit: Become Human was released a few years ago, the developers have decided to update the game with a new modality. According to GamepotThis new feature would allow Twitch streamers let your subscribers make the decisions within the game. This would help the community to enjoy a “multiplayer” experience, especially in times when many of us are at home without much to do.

However, streamers they have been doing this for a while, although in a more informal way

, but this extension would come to facilitate the experience much more. The extension called Detroit: Community Play would let users decide which path to take within the Quantic Dream video game.

In a very short time the actors Amelia Rose Blair and Bryan Dechart, who participated in the game itself, will be streaming on the platform, and it is expected to be quite large. In said transmission answer questions about Detroit: Become Human as celebration of two years of launch

of the game, in addition to also celebrating ten years of the release of Heavy Rain on PS3. This streaming will be broadcast on May 25, at 20:00 Spanish peninsular time.

BOOK IT FROM € 54.90 (€ 69.99)


BOOK IT FOR € 54.90 (€ 69.99)


▪ Release date: 05/25/2018


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