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Best Warzone loading for SGD games-how to dominate Call of Duty Battle Royale



Creating perfect mission output has always been the core pursuit of Call of Duty players. However, today, the desire for min-max is never as important as it is now. Battle Royale. So this is how we adjust our Best Warzone load Win the championship.

If you are unfamiliar, all players in Warzone BR can call multiplayer loading for use in the game. They can also pick them up from one of the airdrops that appeared throughout the game. The result is the same: you get three complete privileges and two weapons full of weapons.

In addition to being the only way to get 3 additional rewards in Warzone, the optimal loading capacity also ensures that you have the tools you need to prepare for the final production, thus avoiding the emergence of RNG.

Best Warzone load

Before making recommendations, it ’s important to remember that some of the weapons and accessories we choose may not be immediately available to all players. Although Warzone is a free game, those of us who have been playing Modern Warfare since its release have an advantage in the number of available options. This fact cannot be solved, but I hope you have made enough progress so far to alleviate some of these problems.

In addition to this, you may notice running themes with our favorite loads: they usually have two primary weapons instead of primary and secondary weapons. This is because sniping in Warzone is very powerful due to increased headshot damage. Shooting from one of the two bolt sniper rifles to the head will kill any player, no matter how much armor they have.

of first part The content of this part covers the preferred content of daily games, while the second part focuses on the more interesting and advanced loads that have sprung up since its release. Click here to jump to New meta load.

Having said that, let's jump in!

Easy mode

M4A1 assault rifle and HDR sniper rifle are early unlocks of your professional development. They also happened to be a killer group in Warzone. M4 is probably the most versatile weapon in Warzone (and Modern Warfare). It performs well at close range and has good damage, and its low recoil makes it easy to control long-range combat.

For this loading, we set M4 to have long-range performance without ignoring close-range performance. With this:

  • Overall mixing range.
  • M16 Grenadier barrels in stock.
  • Integral suppressor.
  • 50 rounds magazine
  • Point grip grip tape after grip.

This setting provides sufficient ammunition while ensuring a sufficiently low ADS speed, and the hybrid oscilloscope allows you to quickly switch between near-range threats and long-range threats. Most of these accessories are also quite early to unlock.

Buy HDR sniper rifle now. First, we need to equip Overkill skills (second column) so that we can carry two main weapons. By default, stock HDR is already an excellent long-range weapon. You may not unlock too many attachments from the beginning, so please feel free to use it. When you upgrade it slightly, we recommend that you make the following settings:

  • Hot sniper scope.
  • 26.9-inch HDR Pro barrel.
  • Lightweight suppressor.
  • Rejuvenate.
  • FTAC Stalker Scout stock.

The presence of the mind will allow you to hold your breath longer, which will help you get those one-time headshots. Thermal oscilloscopes are essential for quickly scanning targets, but if you do n’t like Thermal Image, you can switch it to a regular sniper mirror.

It should also be noted that players who use cold blood to cheer will not appear on the heat mirror. In either case, the enemy will see your sight flash (this is true for all sights more than 4 times), so when determining the range, it is best not to stay too long. If you have to get rid of the flash of the oscilloscope, you can use "Scout Combat" or VLK oscilloscope, but these obviously provide much lower zoom.

For the allowance, we will work with cold-blooded In order to avoid appearing on the thermal oscilloscope, Overkill As mentioned above, this is necessary, and ampere In the third column, to increase the speed of weapon exchange between our two main weapons. Deadly and tactical grenades can do whatever they want.

Assuming you are confident in your sniper skills, there is another way to further adjust this load. The M4 settings we mentioned above are suitable for medium and long range, but you can use the following settings to create a close-range laser beam:

  • 1mW laser.
  • FSS 11.5 inch commando barrel.
  • Lightweight suppressor.
  • Cheer up hand.
  • 50 rounds magazine

You will not need this range because it is only used for close combat. In any case, the iron scene on the M4 is very clear.

Budget control

AUG SMG is one of the most stable and stable weapons in Warzone. It is located in the middle between the short-range advantage and the medium-range recoil control. Of course, what we are talking about here is NATO 5.56 conversion, which actually turns AUG into an assault rifle. To this end, we will set the AUG within the range close to the mid-range to achieve maximum ammunition and effectiveness.

With this:

  • Forge Tac CQB comb stock.
  • 407mm lengthened barrel.
  • Tactical suppressor.
  • Spotted tape.
  • 5.56 NATO 60 round drum

This setting maintains AUG's SMG advantage and brings it closer to the assault rifle's damage and range. As an additional bonus, despite the 5.56 conversion, AUG will continue to use SMG ammunition in Warzone.

For this course, our middle school will do most of the heavy lifting within the scope. We try Overkill again. This time, we chose Dragunov marksman rifle, which is a powerful and easy-to-use DMR that can shoot down three or four serve players. We recommend that you use the following settings:

  • FTAC Hunter-Scout stock.
  • Hot sniper scope.
  • Integral suppressor.
  • 15 rounds of magic
  • Cheer up at full load.

If you like, you can switch from "full load" to a bucket attachment, but we like it because it ensures that Dragunov produces the most ammunition when picking up the vehicle. Marksman rifles usually do n’t have much spare ammunition, which is where “full load” weapons can really help.

Our revitalization setting for the last class is very reasonable, so cold-blooded, Overkillwith ampere Is preferred. Once again, you are free to choose your favorite lethal and tactical.


Although the setting of the next class is a bit old-fashioned, if it is part of the game, then nothing is too cheap. You may laugh at it, but you can bet someone will use it.

In Warzone, riot shields are just as annoying as multiplayer games. The shield will always block the damage of all areas it covers, which is the majority of the player's back. If you want to push the danger zone to prevent frontal damage, you can equip it. You can even do this while crouching. Although this will slow you down, it will actually make you inaccessible from the front and will force your opponent to compete in the crossfire.

No matter how many rounds are fired, the shield will not break. An effective way to kill shield users is to use C4 or Semtex (sticky grenades), but there are very few explosives in Warzone, so this may not always be the case. You can also try to use Molotov or Thermite to set fire to the area around it, or find a way to use the rocket launcher to cause a certain degree of damage to AoE-as long as it does not directly hit the shield.

Shields are also useful when teammates are pushing buildings and all teammates are stacked behind the vehicle, so when they rush into the campsite, the shield comes in handy. Even in long-range combat, looking through the shield window will not make you worry about snipers.

We will again use our recommended loading method to rely on AUG services:

  • Forge Tac CQB comb stock.
  • 407mm lengthened barrel.
  • Tactical suppressor.
  • Spotted tape.
  • 5.56 NATO 60 round drum

In this course, we will also adjust the allowance, lethality and tactics to maximize the fighting spirit. We will use Double time Cheer up because you will do a lot of running as a shield user to reposition and avoid flanking, Overkill Cheer up ampere

Speed ​​up the exchange between the shield and the main shield.

To kill, we will Throwing knife, Because they throw quickly, and can overwhelm a player who pushes you to a critical juncture, and Heartbeat sensor In a tactical slot. Cold-blooded players will not appear on it, but it is very useful when you know where the campers are and fight well with the shield when fighting indoors.


Grau 5.56 is one of the reward weapons for the Season 2 Battle Pass. Whether you have a pass or not, it will be unlocked at the beginning of the 15th floor. Grau is essentially a more precise M4 with better range, but it will sacrifice close-range performance.

We set it to be mainly used for mid-range activities. Our accessories are mainly used for recoil and swing, but they can also be used for close-range shooting by pressing a button. Please note that the speed of ADS is not the best. With this:

  • Integrated hybrid optics.
  • FSS 26.4 inch "Archangel" barrel.
  • Tactical suppressor.
  • Commando front armour.
  • Cronen Sniper Elite rear handle.

Using this function, you will be amazed by your accuracy on the range, while still maintaining a good condition every time you are pressed. We wo n’t choose Overkill this time, so you can equip any secondary school here. We recommend M19. This is a fast-fire precision pistol. If you use M19, please choose the following accessories:

  • Cronen LP945 mini mirror.
  • 1mW laser.
  • XRK L super wine barrel.
  • Integral suppressor.
  • Lightweight trigger action.

For privileges, this is another cold-blooded, We will work with ghost In the second column-to avoid drone scanning-and ampere Cheer up three. You may be wondering why we chose Amped instead of heavy auxiliary weapons, because the idea is to give up your side arm as soon as possible and switch to another more powerful weapon.

The choice ultimately depends on you. You can choose the secular P90 or MP7 to get the maximum close range performance, or you can choose the dead sniper or sharpshooter rifle. Either way, Amped is the only way.

The best of both worlds

FAL is one of the weapons that people tend to rely on. On the right hand, it can kill mid-range and is twice the budget of the remote DMR. Through this loading, we will strive for the best of both worlds. Set it like this:

  • VLK 3.0x optics.
  • XRK marksman pistol barrel.
  • Integral suppressor.
  • Marc Foregrip.
  • 24 rounds

VLK's ADS loss is very small, it separates the difference between a strict close-range sight and a higher-power sight. If you want, you can choose a hybrid car, but VLK can work normally. We added Merc Foregrip to help ease recoil, because you need to accurately hit the follow-up shots. Compared with the M4, this is undoubtedly a weapon with higher skills, but it is worth the time to master it.

For the middle school, we will be equipped with a bullet gun of your choice. we suggest R9-0 Because of its fast rate of fire and double barrel design. It is devastating at close range, but not anywhere else. Pull it out when absolutely necessary.

Again, we are using cold-blooded, Overkillwith ampere allowance. This special loading only requires Heartbeat sensor, Especially because the shotgun can easily remove these buildings. But to do this, you first need to know where they are camping, and heartbeat sensors will help you.

The sensor is not a foolproof system, just because no one is present on the sensor does not mean that you are alone. Listen to footsteps and try to predict footsteps. In the final analysis, no automatic weapon can beat your gun in CQC. You can choose any deadly weapon for this class, but you ca n’t go wrong with a well-made grenade.

Call of Duty: War Zone It has been more than a month now. The five-week period does not seem to be long, but for meta-games, change and development are more than enough.

The initial suggestion at the top of the page is that the Warzone load set is as effective today as it was when we wrote it. For example, no weapons or equipment were weakened. In other words, we spent more time playing Warzone BR, which makes us appreciate these alternative, equally effective options.

In the following loading, we will introduce some unusual settings that take advantage of certain privileges, as well as some settings that are designed to allow you to make good settings for specific situations. If you have also played Warzone BR for a while and want to try it out or explore angles not covered by the M4 or Grau add-in, then the following section is for you.

New meta has more Warzone add-ons

RPG spam

What makes me unbearable is that RPG is a very effective weapon in Warzone. Even aside from its comparison with other launchers, RPG can cause huge splash damage, making it ideal for cleaning buildings or just softening the enemy group before pushing.

Taking out the vehicle is also great-the threat of battlefield. I would even argue that in most cases, it is more useful than sniper rifles because you do n’t need precision.

Of course, you will not be able to challenge mountain campers within limits, but it is best to find cover at that time. In all other cases, some of these rockets will panic your enemies and force them to move, making it possible to give up power positions.

RPG is an indispensable choice for this loading, and the choice of the main database ultimately depends on you. We recommend that you use something that works well in the middle range, because you can always explode a few rockets close to the target before switching to the main target.

We chose the reliable Grau 5.56 because it is still very powerful in Warzone and slightly exceeds the M4A1 in range. Choose the following attachments:

  • Integrated hybrid optics.
  • FSS 26.4 inch "Archangel" barrel.
  • Tactical suppressor.
  • 50 rounds magazine
  • Commando front armour.

We are not taking the standard cold-blooded route now, because we have to face reality, and spammers do not have to worry about their thermal characteristics.

Instead, we will choose Explode In order for Perk 1 to reduce the damage to the explosives fired by us (and ourselves), ghost For Perk 2, and ampere In the third slot, to speed up the RPG reload and exchange speed. In order to achieve a fatal effect, we will choose C4 to withstand greater explosive damage, and choose the essential heartbeat sensor as a tactic.

If you like adventure, you can switch RPG for PILA. Compared with RPG, its ADS and reload speed is slower, but it can lock the vehicle. So it is best to take them away, especially helicopters. PILA can also be triggered without locking, so you can use it as a close-range RPG, only knowing that you will not be able to send spam in a completely spam manner.

Full read

This loading is specifically designed for those times when you exit Gulag from the game and immediately hit the loading drop. As you know now, loading weapons will only produce enough ammo to store a magazine. There is no doubt that you once thought that you were ready to fight, only to run out of ammunition on the way and make Gulag lose.

Full load is the weapon privilege that the entire load depends on. It ensures that the gun attached to the generator has the maximum possible ammunition. It's like selecting an add-on and then immediately clicking on an ammo box.

We recommend permanently dedicating custom slots for "full load" loading. This saves your ass when regenerating later in the game. The final choice here is mainly up to you, but we will provide some suggestions anyway.

Grau 5.56 is our choice again. We will use the usual settings again here, with one exception: replacing 50 rounds of ammunition with full load.

  • Integrated hybrid optics.
  • FSS 26.4 inch "Archangel" barrel.
  • Tactical suppressor.
  • Commando front armour.
  • Cheer up at full load.

If you have released a series of Renetti, you can use it as a secondary object (see below for more details). If not, M19 is still the top side arm.

  • 1mW laser.
  • XRK L super wine barrel.
  • Integral suppressor.
  • Lightweight trigger.
  • Cheer up at full load.

Let's go together Explode In Perk 1. Although it may be tempting to use Overkill in Perk 2, we still choose ghost Keep away from drone scanning. In this process, you can always select excellent middle school players, especially because you can challenge and eliminate other players immediately after selecting the load. This is why we want to keep ampere In Perk 3.

How to get Akimbo pistol in the theater

Akimbo Snake Shot

Once upon a time, it was essential to have two main weapons in the theater. This is still correct, but the power of the Akimbo pistol has been found to have greatly reduced the need for a solid primary key in the second slot.

Before continuing, please remember that Akimbo is a weapon that needs to be unlocked to complete certain challenges. This is a bit laborious, but worth it. Now, go to the settings.

In particular, there are two ideal candidates for Akimbo candidates. Both are pistols that cause huge damage at close range, larger than any other Akimbo option.

We will start with Akimbo Snake Shot .357. Snake Shot is a .357 ammo conversion that can be converted into a mini-bomb gun. Having two small shot guns that can send spam at close range will make you forget the MP7 and all other fast-launching SMGs.

Assuming that you have both Akimbo privileges and Snake Shot unlocked, please use the following settings:

  • Akimbo cheer up.
  • Snake shoots ammunition.
  • Lightweight trigger.
  • 1mW laser.
  • Silverfield ordnance barrel.

These options ensure maximum hip shooting accuracy without slowing down your movement speed or excessively reducing the range. This is a good balance. Of course, you can also aim low, such as when climbing a ladder, but it is best to shoot Akimbo Snake Shot from the hip.

Akimbo burst Renetti

You can also use the recently added Renetti pistol to create similar settings. This card is fully unlocked at level 16 of the Season 3 Battle Pass. Renetti has a burst shooting module, which when paired with Akimbo will break its boundary. This is what we have to do:

  • Akimbo cheer up.
  • Mk3 burst Mod barrel.
  • Lightweight trigger.
  • 21 rounds of magic
  • 1mW laser.

Just like Snake Shot, Akimbo's Renetti is designed for close advantage and works best when shooting.

Since the side arm is the focus of the Akimbo course, you are free to choose any elementary school you like. That is to say, we have a good idea of ​​elementary school here. In view of our Akimbo can eliminate all close things, so we chose the middle range and long-range sniper rifle. However, we set the sniper settings differently.

AX-50 is our choice, because compared with HDR, its ADS speed and rate of fire are faster. Keep in mind that this setting is not designed to challenge snipers with extremely high optical magnifications, it is designed similar to AR. We recommend this setting:

  • Cronen C480 Pro optics.
  • 17.0 inch factory barrel.
  • Lightweight suppressor.
  • 9 spells
  • Spotted tape.

Given the close-up nature of the Akimbo class, our Perk settings will maximize the survivability of these areas and improve our ability to track down the targets trying to escape.

Explode It is our first choice to take more explosive damage-as you get closer to the target, a lot of damage will appear in your way. ghost Let's stay away from the small map, so it stays the same. For Perk 3, we will choose tracking device Look at the footprints of the enemy. The tracker works very well with the Akimbo pistol, because it allows you to concentrate on their grills, and there is little room for them to retreat and re-armor.

Finally, C4 is still our lethal weapon, and the heartbeat sensor is ideal for tactics. You may also want to switch the sensor to dizziness, which will help when you use Akimbo to push the camper, but obviously more.


We decided to end with this because it is not the most competitive load currently. Although it is Effective, it requires a certain game style that you may not always want to follow. If you want to wander around, choose this option, because boys are a good time.

Although JOKR is an auxiliary tool in our launcher, we regard it as the main tool. JOKR is essentially a javelin that you may be familiar with in other games. However, unlike most games, you can lock in almost everything – you do n’t have to be a player or a vehicle. This makes it a must-have tool for dealing with rooftop campers, such as those who often visit downtown buildings. This is also very important to destroy the days of players who like to go around in Solos.

Essentially, you can think of the JOKR rocket as a small "cluster assault". Lock the ground floor of the building, and the rocket will land on the top, eliminating the enemies on the roof. This is a firm resistance to the campers in the stadium. Locked to the vehicle, the splash damage will be enough to destroy any nearby vehicles or players.

The only disadvantage of JOKR is that the speed of the rocket is significantly slower, so you must anticipate the enemy's actions instead of reacting like RPG. But when it hits, your enemy will be taken away without warning. If you do n’t see someone hit, you can even use its alternate thermal view to find the target.

Ideally, JOKR should do all the work, but we have a good pairing idea for the assault rifle department. You know, because when you actually decide to stop interesting business and start dumping.

M13 is an easy-to-use laser with high emissivity and is a reliable choice for short-range and mid-range. This setting has its best quality:

  • VLK 3.0x optics.
  • Tempus marksman barrel.
  • Spotted tape.
  • 60 rounds of magic
  • Command fork.

For the allowance, we will work with Explode, ghost with ampere. C4 and heartbeat sensors also remain in a fatal / tactical state.

Bonus tip

One very useful thing to know at the end is that more than one output should always be saved in the custom class. Just like "full load" loading, you should always use Ghost to load at least once.

Assuming you have enough cash / time to withdraw two add-ins, please call your Overkill add-in first, then use Ghost to call / extract the other. Once you get new, equipped with Ghost, please go back and manually pick up the weapon that just dropped from Overkill equipment.

In this way, you will have the best of both worlds: having Ghost's invisible course, and the added benefit of having two main weapons. This is not possible in multiplayer games, but not in Warzone.

For similar helpful tips, we provide a complete list for Warzone.

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