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Bethesda denies possibility of upcoming Starfield announcement




Over the past week, the rumor that there would soon be Starfield news It was increased by a small slip on its official website. Users discovered that, through a bug on the game page, you could see how it was pending rating by age. Something that seemed to anticipate the arrival of news about the Bethesda title, but that B herselfEthesda has taken care to completely shoot down to leave no doubts.

Pete hines, of the company, has spoken on Twitter after seeing how users informed him of what was happening. His response has been more than clear: «I was not aware, but it is just a glitch or a failure on the web. I'll ask them to take a look and fix it, thanks for the warning. No, the company had no intention of releasing anything imminently, and Hines's words simply make it clear that this is not the time for us to travel into space yet.

So, Starfield remains a project of the most unknown and lost among the stars. Bethesda revealed it a long time ago, but it did so sowing a huge sea of ​​doubts, since it only showed a teaser with the logo. After years and years with his name playing on networks due to leaks and rumors, the team took the step to confirm its existence, but since then it has not been public.

Hopefully this game is a intergenerational title, as well as that there cannot be much left for us to know it in depth. Maybe this year we end up seeing what it is and how it is played, or we may have to wait even 2021. What is clear is that It will not only be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

; And that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will surely give us the best possible gaming experience with it.

TES VI and Starfield, the two great mysteries of Bethesda

During the E3 2018Bethesda launched two huge hoaxes to the public with the announcement not only of Starfield, but also from The Elder Scrolls VI. Both games seem to be far back in time, and both were presented simultaneously as the company's two big projects. Unfortunately, in addition to the setting and name, we only have two teasers for each. Their teams have been completely silent throughout this time.

We know, for example, who will be one of the characters in the new Elder Scrolls, even thanks to statements we know that Starfield wants to be a brutal space opera. However, dates, platforms or even game mechanics are unknown, not to mention even what both titles will look like. Will the arrival of the new generation mean the opening of the floodgates for both titles? You can take it for granted.

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