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Bittorrent explained: this is behind the new popularity of file sharing protocols




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Data exchange through Bittorrent software is currently being revived. But what's behind downloading movies, series or music in this way? We will explain how Bittorrent works and why the service is becoming increasingly popular.

The Bittorrent protocol is based on peer-to-peer exchange of files and is gaining new popularity.

The Bittorrent protocol is based on peer-to-peer exchange of files and is gaining new popularity. (Source: Depositphotos / bagotaj)

Bittorrent file sharing protocol can be used to exchange all types of files. However, mainly copyrighted movies, series and music titles may be illegally distributed. In Europe, the file sharing protocol is so popular that it accounts for 44% of the total Internet uploads-it was almost considered extinct a few years ago. In this article, we will explain exactly the reasons behind file sharing via torrent and related software (such as uTorrent).

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  1. This is how Bittorrent works

  2. This distinguishes torrents from other peer-to-peer software

  3. This explains the current popularity of Bittorrent

  4. The blocking of internet providers and VPN services cannot stop the popularity

This is how Bittorrent works

Bittorrent is a file sharing protocol that can exchange any type of file. In principle, Bittorrent corresponds to other previously known file sharing platforms, such as eMule or Limewire. Because all these quotes are based on the principle of peer-to-peer (P2P), according to this data, the data is not downloaded from the central server, but directly from other users' computers.

To this end, users have installed relevant software on their computers, which can be used to find content that can be downloaded by other users. At the same time, the software also makes the files on your own computer available for others to download. Obviously, this is not legal in all cases. In fact, Bittorrent is definitely not illegal. We will explain this in detail separately.

Is it legal or illegal to use bitorrent?

This distinguishes torrents from other peer-to-peer software

Despite the same principles, Bittorrent is more popular than competitive services. There are several reasons. Compared with traditional P2P, Bittorrent is not based on a one-to-one relationship between file providers and file downloaders. Instead, it downloads a part of the corresponding file from many resources in parallel. Once the first batch of scores reaches your computer, you can also download them. Finally, the software merges the contents of your dismembered download into the entire file.

Although in traditional P2P, most directories are published for sharing, the release of Bittorrent is file-specific. Therefore, you do not have to disclose the complete folder directory to use it. Instead, the localization of the files works through a so-called "torrent" (torrent)-online guide only contains download instructions for specific files. A torrent file is included and the selected Bittorrent software can be downloaded.

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The biggest benefit is performance. Compared to conventional downloading of files from the server, the decentralized architecture avoids bottlenecks in overload situations. Unlike traditional P2P networks, Bittorrent does not rely on a one-to-one ratio between two users prone to failure. Since files are always loaded by multiple users in parallel, compared to Limewire and Co., the failure of the source file does not mean that the download failed. Therefore, Bittorrent is particularly suitable for spreading very large and demanding files at lightning speed.

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